5 Easy Chores to Teach your Kids

When it comes to parenting, doing chores with kids is probably the biggest life lesson your children will learn at a young age. Not only this will help them to learn some important household work but also it will create a sense of responsibility. In addition to this, chores also help the children to feel that they’re making an important contribution. When you assign household work o your children, you must make sure that those duties are age appropriate. It’s best to start with some of the easiest tasks and move on to the next level after a few months. I’ve listed some of the best tasks that you may assign to your kids.

1. Wash Car: This is probably the most common chore on this list. The reason this task is widely used as a chore is because the kids are very good at cleaning related tasks. They won’t feel satisfied unless they’ve achieved their goal. 8-10 years is the ideal age for this task. 

2. Iron Clothing: Most of us hate to iron clothes. Not only because it’s time consuming, but also because it requires some hard work and practice. For those of us who have been ironing their clothes from a very young age won’t relate to the second problem. Ironing clothes is an important work which defines our grooming and keeping that in mind, you must get your kids familiar with this job.

3. Changing bed sheets: No matter how clean our room is, it doesn’t feel right unless we take care of the bed sheets. Pre-teen age is the best time to learn changing the bed sheets. Make it as a responsibility of your kids to make their bed and change their bed sheets whenever it’s needed.  This will help them to learn an important household task and you will able be able to release some load off your shoulders.

4. Vacuuming: Vacuuming is another popular task which is used as a chore for kids. If you want to keep your house clean, you must learn to vacuum. Although there isn’t must to learn but you should still teach them so that they don’t consider this as an unnecessary work later in their lives. Check out these vacuum reviews, any of these will do the job, and they are kid friendly and lightweight.

5. Mop Floor: Vacuuming along with mopping means that you’ve unloaded a lot of stress and burden off your shoulders. Besides cleaning, mopping has many other benefits for your kids such as keeping them active and fit and as an alternate to exercise.

Final Thoughts

As you may see, most of the tasks I’ve mentioned above are directly or indirectly connected to cleanliness and manners. The reason is that these simple duties can bring a positive change to their life which is going to help them forever. If you browse through the internet, you’ll come up with several hundred such ideas but as I’ve mentioned above, these tasks are not only age appropriate (8-10 years) but also the most important skills that the children will learn. Comment below with chores you have 

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