5 Tips that will Help You to Prepare your Home For Winter

If you don’t feel as though your home is prepared for winter then this is the guide for you. Here you will find out what steps you can take to try and make your home warm and cozy for when the cold weather truly hits.

Prepare your Doors and Windows

Windows are the biggest factor in terms of your home’s heat loss. Up to 40% of your home’s heat can be lost through the windows, so it’s a very good place for you to be starting. If you want to do something about this then one thing you can do is inspect your windows to make sure that there are no gaps or holes. If you do notice anything like this then make sure that you fill the holes with the appropriate filler. While filling gaps within your home can be a great way for you to reduce heat loss, it’s wise for you to insulate your window to the best of your ability. Doubling up on your window dressings with a  blind or a thick pair of curtains can help to reduce your general heating needs too.

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Put your Heating on a Timer

Having your hating on a timer, is a great way for you to eliminate a lot of wasted energy. It also helps you to be much more energy-efficient overall. Set your timer so that it matches your daily routine, and then turn it off when you’re not in. It’s also a good idea to set your heating so that it turns on around ten minutes before you walk in the door. Little things like this can help you to keep your home warm without breaking the bank. If you want to make a major difference to your home’s heat, then arrange a furnace repair so you can keep your heating efficient.

Insulate your Pipes

Pipes can be a major issue and they can also cost a fortune if something happens to go wrong with them. Pipes tend to experience issues during the winter months too. If you want to do something about this then getting a pipe insulator is one of the best things you can do. This is great at preventing frozen pipes and they could end up saving you a small fortune.

Clear your Gutters

Gutters tend to take the brunt of year-round weather. Gutters unintentionally collect rubbish that might have blown in the wind and over time they can become clogged. This can lead to a great deal of dampness and even mold, so it’s a wise idea for you to check and clear blockages before the cold weather truly hits so you can prevent disasters down the line.

Soft Furnishings

In addition to adding some blinds to your windows, which will go a long way when it comes to creating a cozy space, adding some soft furnishings could also help you to warm your space up. Adding some thick-knit blankets or even some soft cushions will add warmth so if you want to add that wow factor, then keep this in mind. Making sure that the cushions all match can also help to tie the room together.

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