6 Simple Better Eating Habits To Try in 2017


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The New Year always gets us inspired to eat better, live a more active lifestyle and set goals to reach that improve our lives. I am teaming up with goodnessknows for their #tryalittlegoodness campaign; sharing my tips and ideas around their mantra that every try, no matter how small, is a step to being your best. 

Since it's January and typically a time we kick off  better eating for the year, I wanted to share my tips for 6 Simple Better Eating Habits to Try in 2017. It might be scary to try something new, but it’s a key part of the journey to learning, growing and being a better you.

6 Simple Better Eating Habits To Try in 2017

Eat colorful foods. A great rule to follow is to eat more colorful foods like fruits and vegetables. It's also a fun way to get the kids involved and start to teach them about better eating habits.

Snack better. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips from the vending machine, snack on nuts or dried fruit. Better yet, leave a couple boxes of goodnessknows at your desk for an easy to reach midday snack that's a better way to snack.

• Eat less but more often. Instead of binging on a huge meal at the end of a long and exhausting day, try eating throughout the day. Have a smoothie for breakfast, a salad at lunch, good snacks to munch on throughout the day and a light dinner to get you through your overnight beauty sleep.

• Drink fresh juice. Not everyone can afford expensive juicers, but fresh juice with fruit and vegetable combos are more easily to come by these days. The best part is, you don't have to figure out delicious combinations -- you just need to order!

• Cook more. I will always go back to cooking at home as one of the best ways to eat better. No matter what you are cooking, it is so much better to make it yourself so that you control the quality of the ingredients that goes into your food. It also promotes togetherness and teaches cooking skills to your kids when they see momma chopping and putting her love into the food they're eating.

• Order smarter. It's not realistic to cut off fast-food or eating out completely. We all need our fix once in a while. But when eating out, discipline yourself to order smarter. Let's face it; a greasy burger goes straight to the hips after you hit a certain age!!

• Try new foods. This last tip is something me and my kids have been doing and incorporating into our food lifestyle. For kids, trying new foods can be scary and overwhelming and for myself, well, I know what I like! It’s a challenge to go beyond the norm with the foods me and my kids love, but it’s also been a fun experience to try foods we pass by at the market. Dragon fruit?? No problem! Let’s throw it in and give it a shot. Blood oranges?? Funny name. Let’s see how bloody it really is! Trying to new foods and cuisines has been a great experience. We don’t always enjoy what we try, but like my dad used to always tell me when I was a kid, “How can you say you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it??”What are some tips you have to share with me about eating better?? Choose something you want to try for the first time this year, try it within the first thirty days of 2017 and tell me about it! 

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