7 Affordable & Practical Ways To Update Your Home

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Once you’ve been living in your home long enough, it can start to feel old and stale. You could get bored with how it looks, leading to you wanting to change things. If you’re in that position, you could think that it’d be an expensive proposition. It doesn’t need to be, as there are multiple ways to update your home without spending much money on it.

By choosing a few affordable and practical options, you could have a large impact on your property without breaking the bank. Seven options stand out with this, as they’ll be low-cost, despite having a large impact. It’s more than worth looking into them to make your home feel fresher and newer.

Ways To Update Your Home: 7 Affordable, Practical Options

1. Change The Windows

Your windows are one of the most important parts of your life. Not only do they add a lot of visual appeal, but they keep the weather and intruders out. You’ll have to put a lot of effort into making sure they’re the perfect options for you, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it.

By looking here, you can find more than a few affordable options that’ll fit the bill. They’ll not only provide a lot of insulation for your house - helping to reduce energy bills - but they’ll look amazing when they’re doing it. While that could mean changing or updating your windows, they’re more than worth it.

2. Create Open Spaces

If you’ve been living in the property for quite a while, you could’ve accumulated a lot of belongings. That could end up meaning your home feels relatively cluttered and cramped. By decluttering and creating open spaces, you can make your way around this. It’ll transform your home more than you’d think.

If you’re doing this, it’s also worth rearranging the furniture to complete the effect. The more open your home feels, the more of an impact this will have. Make sure it’s easy to walk around and actually use the house when you’re doing this.

3. Update Cabinetry

Your kitchen will have quite a few cabinets, and these can feel relatively outdated quite quickly. That doesn’t mean they need to be replaced. Instead, you can give them a bit of a DIY update. Sanding down certain areas and then repainting the cabinets could be more than enough for this.

It could also be worth adding a few new finishes to your cabinets, such as new handles. These are all quite affordable and will have more of an impact than you’d believe. Doing this for each of the cabinets makes sure the effect is as noticeable as possible.

4. Bring In New Light

The lighting in your home makes a large difference in how everything looks. If everything’s too dark, then it could look and feel depressing. Too bright, on the other hand, and it could feel too clinical. And that’s without even mentioning the style of the lights themselves. It might be worth replacing the ones you have.

Focusing on warmer-looking lights that emit an orange-ish glow makes everything feel more comfortable. At the same time, look at different styles of lights and shades to figure out what fits with a room’s theme. Experiment with placement to get the effect you want to make everything perfect.

5. Landscape

You could focus on your home’s interior when you’re trying to update it, but it’s also worth looking outside. A good external visual appeal makes you feel better about your home than you’d think, and this all starts with some solid landscaping. The better your garden looks, the more pride you’ll have in your house.

If it’s been neglected for a while, it’s worth giving things a trim. When you’re doing this, focus on changing things up a little. Adding some new plants and flowers can be quite affordable, and they’ll have a large impact. They’ll add some color while tying the garden together even more, making it look more stylish.

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6. Add Wallpaper

When you think of updating the walls, the first thing that comes to mind is painting. While this could be relatively affordable, it mightn’t last as long as you’d want before you need to repaint. That makes it cost more and more over time. A quick and easy way around this is to choose wallpaper instead.

You don’t even need to wallpaper the entire room for this to have an impact. Choose one wall to focus on and pick the right wallpaper for your needs. Not only will this make the room pop and make the wall more of a feature, but it’ll tie things together better than you’d think. It’s a quick and affordable way to update a room.

7. Create An Outdoor Room

When most people think of updating their home, they focus on the inside. That mightn’t be the only option you have, however. If you have any outside space, then you could play around with it and turn it into something new. Creating an outdoor “room” can be an effective way of doing this.

All you’d really need is something for the floor and something to have above you. With a bit of creativity, you could be surprised by how well this turns out. Even something relatively basic can look and feel amazing once you’ve put a bit of work into it. Add a few furnishings, and you’ve got an outdoor “room.”

Ways To Update Your Home: Wrapping Up

You can choose from more than a few ways to update your home without needing to spend a lot of money on it. Some stand out more than the others, as they’ll have a large impact despite how low-cost they are. Bringing in some extra lighting, updating your windows, creating some open spaces, and similar options are all recommended.

While they’ll need a bit of elbow grease, they’ll be quite affordable and will make your house look and feel newer and fresher. You could be surprised by the impact they’ll end up having.

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