7 Ways To Eat Healthy Now

Disclosure: This is not medical advice. Please contact your physician for your personal health assessment and goals.

The new year always forces people to reassess their life and make new goals for a better future. One of the top five, if not number one is getting fit and healthy. For many, this is an uphill battle. Here are seven simple ways to help you get healthy now, starting in the kitchen.

  • Delete Soda – Taking soda out of  your daily consumption will decrease your sugar intake dramatically. If you’re craving a fizzy drink, try making one of my Fizz Drink recipes. It’s healthier, fresher and even the kids love it!

  • Cook More –  Yes, cooking meals at home takes a bit of an effort and some time. But, it doesn’t have to consume your life and become a nuisance. Cooking more (and from scratch) as often as possible is not only better for you, it will help to bring your family some much needed bonding time around the dinner table and even teach your kids about healthy eating habits when they watch and see you cooking with fresh ingredients.

  • Cook With Spices – Spices not only add lots of deliciousness to simple and fast meals, but they also carry antioxidants that are good for you.
  • Less Processed Foods – Even I love a huge bag of salty chips every now and then! But take a good look at your fridge, pantry and freezer and see what kinds of foods you have. A big bag of frozen french fries? Frozen lasagna, chicken fingers, canned soup, etc. may seem convenient to you at first, but think about all the chemicals you are putting into you and your kids bodies. The convenience is not worth it. Skip it and take the time to make your own. Your body will thank you.
  • Make Homemade Juice or Smoothies – Juicing and making homemade fresh smoothies have become a craze, but for good reason. It’s a quick way to get your daily intake of fruits and veggies which comes with vitamins that many people lack. Kids benefit from this too as we all know how picky our little critters can get. There are many great recipes and fruits/veggies combos that are so delicious your kids will think they’re drinking store-bought juice.

  • Buy Organic Food – Organic food doesn’t contain chemicals and pesticides that are harmful for our bodies and the environment. I know it’s more expensive than traditional food and I don’t expect people to buy all their food organic. But, there are ways to figure out which foods you and your family should purchase organic.Check out my guide to Buying Organic Groceries on a Budget as well as the Environmental Working Group’s guide. Buy as much as you can afford – it’s what I do. No one’s asking you to mortgage your house. It’s about making the best decisions that’s within your budget.
  • Make It A Habit – Cooking at home and more often can take some time to master. Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect and you’ll be surprised at how much you and your family may even enjoy it. Set a goal to cook meals at home at least twice a week and if you have to, even schedule your grocery store stops to make it part of your busy schedule. Plan out what you want to make, buy those ingredients every week and have fun!

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