8 Kitchen Tools That Are Worth the Investment

Whether you're a mom, a young professional, or a bachelor, you need kitchen tools to help you cook healthy and delicious meals. You can save time by investing in high-quality kitchen tools, making your food preparation a lot easier and safer. In this post, you'll learn the best kitchen tools that are worth the investment. 

1. Induction Burner 

An induction burner or an electric cooktop provides even heat on stainless and iron cast cookware. Induction cooking utilizes magnetic energy instead of an electronic element or flame. The temperature is controlled, and the cooking surface stays cool while cooking. It's considered as a revolutionary way of cooking. 

Induction burners are easier to clean and provide tons of benefits, such as the following:

● Faster meal preparation through induction burners from Kitchenall that heat food faster and boil water 50% more rapidly than gas or electric cooktops
● Consistent results that reduce under- and overcooking and deliver tasty food meal recipes every time
● Safe to use because the cooking surface remains cool during cooking and no risks associated with an exposed heating element or open flame 
● Conserves energy because induction cooking uses 90% of produced energy as compared to 65% for electric ranges and 55% for gas burners 

2. Food Processor

While you can always grab a knife to chop, slice, and julienne, a food processor is a good investment because it can do a lot of things aside from cutting vegetables. Making your favorite salad and other recipes is made easy with a high-quality food processor.

Here are the things that a food processor can do:

Mix and make a pizza dough 
Make delicious hummus or smooth pesto 
Emulsify a salad dressing 
Make home-ground burger patties 
Make whipped cream 

3. Chef’s Knife

Investing in a good chef’s knife makes a big difference in your cooking. It has a solid blade to make cooking easier. You can choose between stainless or carbon steel, and keep them sharp with a water stone. You can readily find affordable chef’s knives that can last for many years in a grocery store near you or online, exploring a variety of options can lead to finding a perfect match for your culinary needs. It is beneficial to check this selection for a deeper understanding of the quality and craftsmanship of chef's knives. Such knowledge can guide you in making an informed decision for a purchase that lasts many years.

4. Slow Cooker

Make any gourmet recipe with a slow cooker. You can save time and money ordering from fancy restaurants, and you can always come home with a hot and delicious meal waiting for you. In comparison with an oven, a slow cooker utilizes less electricity. Slow cookers employ long and low-temperature cooking that effectively tenderizes different cuts of meats.

With a slow cooker, you can cook the following:

Pot meals 

5. Cooking Thermometer

One of the kitchen must-haves is a cooking thermometer to know the perfect texture and temperature of different types of meat. You don't have to use your fingers to test and make a perfect steak. It also prevents over- and undercooking. 

6. Blender

A high-quality blender has a strong motor to handle heavy-duty work. Blenders that are countertop models come in different styles and features, such as a pulse button or a flip switch with enough capacity and plenty of ice-crushing power. The other features include easy-to-read measure markings, easily accessible wide-mouth container, and easy-to-clean detachable blade. Handheld models are long and thin, which are submerged in a drink such as making milkshakes and smoothies. Compare glass blenders and see the difference.

Aside from milkshakes and fruit shakes, you can make plenty of food recipes with a blender such as the following:

Waffles and pancakes
Quick breads
Peanut butter 
Protein shakes

7. Cast Iron Pans

Invest in cast iron pans that you can use to cook just about anything you like. Invest in a couple of cast iron skillets to prepare not only meat and steaks but also to grill fish, make pizza, roast a whole chicken, and even roast your coffee beans. 

Cast iron pans offer the following benefits:
They are less expensive than stainless-steel cookware.
You can use it both in the stove and in the oven.
It’s chemical-free, unlike other cookware that contains a health-harming coating.
It adds iron to your meals, which is beneficial for those with iron deficiency.
It lasts for a very long time and can even be passed from one generation to another.

8. Cutting or Chopping Boards

Durable kitchen chopping boards are essential for hygienic food preparation. Cutting boards can be made of plastic nylon, wood, steel, glass, or marble. Use separate cutting boards for cooked meat, raw meat, vegetables, and dairy products to avoid cross-contamination

Here's the standard color-coding system of chopping boards:

Blue chopping boards for raw seafood
Red chopping boards for raw red meat
Green chopping boards for fruits and vegetables
Yellow chopping boards for poultry
Brown chopping boards for cooked meat
White chopping boards for breads and dairy products


The kitchen tools mentioned above are worth the investment. They can help you save time, money, and effort to make healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family. Choose high-quality kitchen tools that you can use for many years to come.

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