9 Easy DIYs that Will Immediately Upgrade Your Living Room

There are numerous methods that can be utilized to add a stylish upgrade to a living room. However, the mere thought of a room makeover can send chills down our spines due to the level of work needed and the expenses involved. Luckily, I recently discovered that there are several DIY projects that can be utilized to transform an ordinary living room into an extraordinary space easily worth a million bucks. Below are some of the easy DIY projects that I employ to spruce up my living room.

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Rearranging the Furniture

This is no doubt one of the easiest methods that can revamp any living room. In this particular project, I start by analyzing my living room and experiment with different configurations until I find one that can afford my living space a whole new look. Ideally, this includes organizing the furniture in a way that overlooks a particular focal point. Such could be a fireplace, the TV area or a large window with an outdoor view. I also refurbish my living room by rearranging my accessories or moving my bookshelf display from one corner to other.

Adding New Paint

Of all DIY projects for upgrading the living room, repainting is probably the most versatile. To this end, I may choose to paint the entire room in a single color or otherwise shade a particular feature like the fireplace with one hue to give my living room a unique and lively appearance. In addition, I could paint different designs such as chevrons or stencil work on my walls to represent a certain occasion. For instance, I recently painted part of my wall with black and white stripes to remind me of an African safari in which I recently participated. For this purpose, I always remember to use bright colors such as white to breathe life into my living room.

Reviving Wooden and Metallic Items

Wooden and metallic surfaces tend to lose their gleam with time and thus make a living room look old. When this is the case, I often utilize different types of spray paints, coconut oil, and a clean cloth. Subsequently, I use the clean cloth to apply the oil on the surface of my coffee table, mantle or any other wooden surface in my living room to give it an all-natural shiny finish. When it comes to the spray paints, a few coats can potentially freshen or even completely transform the look of any metallic object in my living space. They can, for example, be used to revive the color of faucets, air vents or worn coat hooks.

Displaying Memories

Gallery walls are not just a trendy decoration technique, but also a perfect way of showcasing my beloved family photos and artwork. The idea behind this hack is to use frames of different sizes to add a cohesive look. I also achieve that sophisticated look by the use of different colored frames and portraits.

Adding a Fragrance With Essential Oils

Essential oils are basically planting extracts that maintain the natural fragrance of their source. I find using these oils in my living room to be a perfect way of infusing my space with fresh, soothing scents. Besides, essential oils such as lavender, ginger, sandalwood, and orange can boost the moods of my home’s occupants and upgrade my living room into a tranquil haven.

Adding a Touch of Nature

Bringing in some nature into my living room works miracles to make it feel lively. I have come to realize that natural potted plants like spring bloom or a little gorgeous foliage can go a long way in enhancing my indoor décor while still purifying my indoor air. Sometimes, I even incorporate solid marble trays or luminous hunks of amethyst crystal to add some character to my tables. These also serve as a beautiful and useful conversation starter.

Improve your Décor with a Rug

Whether, circular, square or rectangular, a rug can tie any living room together and make it look cohesive. They can also add color and absorb footsteps and thus make the living space more peaceful and neat. Rugs are also softer than hardwood hence they are cozy to the feet when standing or sitting.

Pump it up with some Jams

In this era of electronic media, I can afford to toss the earphones and play some soft tunes for everyone in the house. Playing music in my living space has proved to be an effective method of adding ambiance and aura to the entire atmosphere. To this end, I invested in CDs, MP3s, and record players and subsequently sat back to allow the sounds to resonate in my room.

Throw in Some Colors
Adding a few graphic colors can potentially spruce up the living room. One of the cheapest ways to accomplish this is by using ground lamps or multiple colored blinds. I also toss in some pillows to give my living room a new vibe. You can also add colors with the addition of rugs. Vision Bedding is a great resource for custom size rugs.

The living room is where my family and I spend a great deal of our time and also a place where we welcome the visitors. Although I love the look and feel of my living room, I appreciate the fact that there’s always room for improvement. With simple DIY techniques, everybody can get creative and transform their living rooms from ordinary to a perfect haven for relaxation.

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