9 Things To Do Before Bed For A Perfect Night's Sleep

What you do several hours before bedtime determines the quality of your sleep. If you are looking to get a perfect night`s sleep, then this is for you. While there is no substitute for optimal sleep duration, we have nine tips for things you should do before bed to ensure you get quality sleep.

1. Work Out
Regular exercising will promote better sleep. It might be a simple work out of 20 minutes a day. You can opt to exercise rigorously or moderately. The bottom line is engaging in any physical activity affects increasing the quality of sleep. Also, it boosts your energy during the day. This can be backed by a sleep study done in 2011.

2. Set time in the evening to clear your mind
Take some time to relax before bed. Relaxation technique has proven effective in improving the quality of sleep.  Some strategies to clear your mind include taking deep breaths, visualizing, listening to favorite or relaxing music or even reading a book.

3. Take a shower
In 2010, a study was published. The researchers observed that taking a shower will alter your body's internal temperature. On stepping out of the shower, your bedroom will feel cool, and your body temperature will drop. Therefore, it will set off a chain reaction, which stimulated sleepy-time brain signals. A warm bath helps prime your body for sleep.

4. Read
Most of us know that using electronic gadgets before sleeping is disadvantageous to our sleep quality. Therefore, instead of watching TV or chatting, consider reading a book (physically printed).

Besides helping in getting sleep fast and quick, it will boost your memory. A book enables you to fall asleep through eye movement and the brain power you need to scan the words. As a result, you get tired quick, hence creates a smooth transition to sleeping.

5. Replace caffeine with milk
Statistics show that about 90% of people in the United States consume caffeine. In the morning, caffeinated drinks may be a massive boost in energy. However, when taken in the afternoon or at night, it becomes detrimental to sleep.
Caffeine stimulate your nervous system. Hence, prevents your body from relaxing during the night. A study conducted showed that consuming a caffeinated drink six hours before bedtime substantially decreased sleep quality.

6. Improve your bedroom environment
Your bedroom environment is a significant factor which determines the quality of sleep you will get. The setting is inclusive of factors such as noise, furniture choice or arrangement, lights, and temperature.
Many studies point at external noises as a significant cause of disruption during sleep. Reduction of lights has also shown a significant increase in the quality of sleep. Ensure your bedroom environment is clean, quiet and relaxing.

7. Ensure your mattress is comfortable
You should sleep on something that is soft and comfortable; to create a perfect balance of comfort and support. We recommend sleeping on a memory foam mattress. We suggest switching to a memory foam mattress because besides being durable, it can isolate motions, reduced allergens, and offers alignment support.
You can read more about memory foam mattresses on (a mattress firm). View website to order your mattress today.
To ensure you buy the right mattress, below are some factors you should consider when choosing a memory foam mattress;
•    Check the dimensions of your bed
•    Conduct adequate research
•    Consider ordering a mattress topper

8. Eat several hours before bedtime
Late night eating has a negative impact on the release of hormones melatonin and growth, as well as the quality of sleep. Carbohydrates will help you sleep faster. This is because they trigger the release of tryptophan, a hormone that is responsible for making you feel tired. Nonetheless, even meals low on carbohydrates will help you sleep better and faster, as long as it is taken hours before bedtime.

9. Melatonin Supplement
Melatonin is a prevalent sleep hormone. It hints your brain in time to relax and sleep. Usually, it is commonly used to treat people with insomnia. Not only does it lull people to sleep, but it significantly increases the quality of your sleep.

Final words
Nonetheless, we recommend it as a last result. We also suggest it for someone who is traveling and will need to adjust to a different time zone. It will help you create a sleeping pattern which will become natural with time. 

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