A Guide to Transforming Your Living Room

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Redesigning your living room is an exciting time; you can finally achieve the aesthetic and feel you’ve always wanted, and create that perfect comfortable space that every home needs at the heart of it. 

Here is a helpful guide for the things you need to consider when transforming your main living space.

Choose a Focus for Your Furniture

It’s easier to arrange a room when you know how you want your furniture to be directed. Which direction do you need the couch to be pointed in? Which pieces of furniture would be better suited closer to the window, or the doorway? Think in advance about furniture arrangement; if you enjoy relaxing in front of the television, then your seating needs to allow for that, of course.

Think About Practical Needs 

Good design and practicality can be a struggle to get right when designing a room. Often, the most helpful and practical features can interrupt your seamless design. For instance, wire extensions and plug sockets can become a bit of an eyesore, but they’re difficult to avoid if you want certain electrics plugged into a specific area of the room. Nevertheless, if you take the time and effort, practical features can still be aesthetically pleasing. 

Think about how you spend time in your space and what you need around you when you’re settled. A modern coffee table is always a must for a useable space, so you can place items on it when you’re relaxing. Coffee tables also help to form a central living area. 

You may also want to think about where you need your lighting to be positioned, like a reading lamp in your favorite spot, and what sort of furniture you need within the room. 

Think About Seating Requirements 

Choosing the right couch or chairs for your living room isn’t just about design and comfort. It’s also about who will be using the room. Even if you live alone, you need to think about who will be visiting your home, especially during the busy holiday period. With this in mind, it’s always good to have a three-seater couch as standard, and perhaps an extra armchair if you can integrate this. 

Also, consider the shape and size of your room; a corner couch may be preferable, but if the corner shape does not work in your room, you may be better off with two separate couches that provide the same amount of seats but are easily adaptable to your space.

Consider How You Want Your Space to Feel

Everyone’s tastes are different. You’ll need to decide the sort of atmosphere you want your living room to provide before you make any design decisions. Do you want your living room to be muted, relaxing, and tranquil? Or do you want it to be a bold and bright space filled with color? Do you want it to be minimalist and calm, or do you want it to be busy and provide all you need for various activities? 

Once you know how you need the space to be, you’ll be able to focus your design ideas around that in the best possible way. 

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