Can't Cook, Won't Cook. You Can Still Be Healthy

Healthy eating isn’t exclusively for those of us who are natural in the kitchen.  Just because you aren’t blessed with culinary expertise doesn’t mean you have to stick to the convenience food aisle and ignore all the fantastic ingredients on offer.  Healthy eating is a lifestyle right and one we should all be able to enjoy.

So, your kitchen isn’t equipped with much more than a cooker and a microwave.  You have a few pots and pans, nothing fancy, and your idea of a high tech kitchen gadget is the potato masher you keep alongside your trusty wooden spoon.  It’s ok.  You don’t need much.  One pot cooking is really easy and doesn’t require much of a chef’s touch to deliver brilliant flavours which will impress even your greatest food critic. 

A very simple recipe that even children can make are fishcakes.  Honestly, you don’t need any fancy tech or a set of clever skills to mix together a few basic ingredients.  You can buy crab meat from your supermarket.  Then all you need are some tasty additions. You can’t go wrong with garlic, chilli and spring onions.  So chuck it all in a bowl with an egg then mash it together with your hands.  Shop prepared breadcrumbs will help to fill it out a little.  A pinch of salt and a crunch of pepper and you are halfway there.  Now all you need to do is whisk (don’t panic, a fork is perfect for whisking) an egg in a bowl.  Pour out the rest of your breadcrumbs onto a plate, then dip your crab patties into the egg and roll in the bread.  Fry for 3 minutes each side and viola.  You have a delicious thai favourite that didn’t really hurt that much to make.  If you pushed yourself too far, then serve it with a salad using a little sweet chilli dip as a fabulous dressing.  Full of Omega 3, the crab will give your heart a little boost of healthy fats.

Of course if the whole process of cooking just bores you to tears, that’s ok too.  But don’t go processed if you want to live longer.  There are loads of ready prepared meals you can stock your freezer full of from healthy burritos to organic soups.  Just take a little care when you are choosing them.

Where possible go for organic produce and if you can buy local.  This is best for both the environment and you.  Check for salt and sugar content as a lot of ready meals will be packed with stuff to help preserve it.  Try to look at taking on less wheat and more pure ingredients which are packed with nutrients and vitamins.  It’s possibly to buy raw, prepared vegetables that can be steamed in the microwave.  So take a little extra care when you shop and make sure you are eating well.  You may not love cooking but you obviously love food.  So find a healthier alternative and live a slightly better life.  You’ll thank us for it, promise! 

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