Can We Get Sri Lankan Buffet in Texas?

Are you a Sri Lankan visiting the United States of America or have you settled in Texas? There are a lot of restaurants that have come up with Sri Lankan buffet menus in them. You will find dishes like lamprais, kukul mas curry, polos, wambatu moju, and more in these hotels, and they are as spicy as the Indian food are. Texas being an amalgamation of different cultures, has graciously taken in the Sri Lankan menu and integrated it with its food choices. If you are out on a holiday in the state, or you are a resident of Texas and want to try something new on the weekend, head out to your nearest Sri Lankan themed restaurant and ask for a fully loaded buffet.

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Sri Lankan Food is a Unique Cuisine

First off, many people tend to confuse Sri Lankan food with Indian food. There are a few similar dishes shared between the two countries, but, the former nation has developed its own set of unique dishes on its own. The cuisine uses the same different sets of spices as Indian cuisine does. The difference then comes from the type of ingredients they use. For example, the polos are a common dish eaten in Sri Lanka and it is made of raw jackfruit mixed with spices. It is a type of curry which is unheard of in Indian cuisine and specific only to Sri Lanka.

Savor the Tropical Island Foods in Texas

When you search for a Sri Lankan buffet near me, look for the menu and go through the ingredients list first. This will give you the hint of whether the dishes are authentically Sri Lankan or not. You might have even seen food reviewers making shows from the island nation and wondered if you will ever taste them. Now that there are a lot of hotels opening up in Texas, you can taste them too.

Experience the Authentic Sri Lankan Foods

A typical Sri Lankan food buffet consists between 10 to 12 dishes. This includes items like Asmi – a milk and cardamom cake, Gotu Kola Mallum Sambola – coconut mixed with shredded greens, polos, parippu, fish Ambul Thiyal, kottu, kiribath, egg hoppers, and more. All these foods have a variety of ingredients mixed in them and you will find them equally tasty. A Sri Lankan restaurant buffet is very cheap too. It costs less than your typical barbeque that’s fully loaded with sides.

Taste the Perfect Blend of Spices in the Buffet

Sri Lankan foods are an evolutionary result of different periods of colonization and strong influence from different cuisines. Whatever the dishes may be you will always feel the spices standing out of them, adding to the great tastes and aroma of the foods. You can find a list of restaurants in Texas while you look for a Sri Lankan buffet near me in your google. Get there with your friends & family and try them all. You will never be disappointed in the food, we assure you.

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