Chicken Choices: Places To Eat When You're "Winging" It Around The South!

I don’t know about you, but when I head on my travels around the US, I need to make sure that there’s lots of great food on my route. And not just salad! It has to be appetizing, and it’s gotta make me feel satisfied. That’s why if I ever make any trips down south, I can’t ignore the staple meal that is so satisfying and makes me feel comforted. I'm talking about fried chicken! Now, gluten-free food lovers better move on! There's nothing like the comfort a nice bit of juicy fried chicken, and here are some choice places if you’re venturing down south or looking for a mini food tour around some of the tastiest chicken shacks.
Barbecue Inn – Houston, Texas

For me, the yellow that they're talking about in the yellow rose of Texas may as well be the golden color of the chicken they make here! Don’t be fooled by the name, while they do offer brisket and juicy ribs, the wonderful, and greaseless flaky crusts that come off the sumptuous chicken in tender rips shows the delicious and addictive meat beneath. The ambience is old school, and since they opened in 1946, the family-run business aims to keep the classics alive and kicking in a relaxed, classic environment, complete with red leather booths!
Martha Lou’s Kitchen – Charleston, South Carolina

Soul food is the order of the day here. The chicken is coated in flour, dipped in wondrous milk batter, and cooked in peanut oil until it is nicely bronze in color. The chicken is made to order, and if you’re after sides, they come thick and fast here. Lima beans and okra stew is just a couple of the lovely ones delivered up in a quaint shack where the frying time is reduced to 20 minutes to ensure a speedy, yet tasty, chicken experience.
Gus’s Fried Chicken – Mason, Tennessee

The Gus franchise is popping up all over the south. Nashville, Memphis, and Atlanta now serve up the spicy chicken that, according to their claim, united a community way back over 60 years ago. Making the fried chicken pilgrimage has never been easier with country-hopping buses, and with the Shofur reviews showing how much more comfortable it is to take a bus, you can relax your way around the south trying the secret spicy recipe. But if you want to go where it all started, Mason, about 45 miles from Memphis, is your choice for super tasty chicken.
Max’s Wine Dive – various locations in Texas

Comfort food gets a major reboot here. Fried chicken that has been mixed with jalapeno and buttermilk for a warming kick that tickles the back of your throat has to be tried to be loved! And if you’re really thinking about pushing the boat out, the choice of drinks are a bit more upmarket than your standard fizzy affairs. Champagne anyone? Well, why not? The varying options for bubbly makes sure that your spicy bird goes down a little easier if your palette is on the tender side!

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