Christmas Gifts for Girls: The Best Ideas for This Holiday Season

Preteen girls can be difficult to understand. Half the time, it’s hard to guess what weird trend they’re currently into; the other half, they talk nonstop about something that interests them. Plus, they’re either very vocal about what they want—dropping hints during breakfast or on social media—or they go cryptic and sullen when you ask them. How in the world can anyone figure out the best Christmas gifts for girls these days?
Don’t worry; it’s not entirely their fault. After all, puberty is a confusing and overwhelming time for anyone! Our girls are starting to mature physically and emotionally, taking cues from their friends and from what they see on the Internet as they begin exploring their identity. As a result, preteens are both trying to cling to their childhood and rush into being a teenager.
The question is: what’s a mom to do during these challenging (but exciting!) times? And, more importantly, what gift do you give them in the approaching holiday season?
Here’s a guide to finding the perfect holiday gifts for your preteen daughters.

For the arts-and-crafts enthusiasts
If your daughter enjoys getting her hands dirty in the craft room and making fun new stuff, then get her a galaxy slime starter pack. Surely, she’s seen the slime craze on social media—she might have even tried to make her own before. This set of galaxy-themed glues is all she needs to successfully make her own slime!
The best part about this gift is that it’ll remind her of the joys of being a carefree kid – playing with glitter and glue does that to anyone! Additionally, with all the stress of growing up, she’ll be glad to have a stress-ball-like toy to play with when the going gets tough.

For the budding interior designer
Remember having to clean crayon drawings on the wall? While your daughter is old enough not to vandalize her own room, she probably still has that itch to spruce up your home!
Enter this mini LED cinematic lightbox. Your daughter can have her own cinema-style light box that she can customize using the letters, numbers, and even emojis that come with the set, and this will foster her creativity.
The light box comes in either USB- or battery-powered options, and they’re perfect for sleepovers, movie nights, parties, or just posting a pretty photo on Instagram. With this gift, you’re letting your daughter know that she’s free to express herself – and that’s something she needs to know before she becomes a teenager.

For the little pop star wannabe

If she’s always singing along to Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, then maybe you can get her interested in playing an instrument, too.
Get your little superstar an acoustic guitar or an electric keyboard! Studies show that learning a musical instrument teaches perseverance, enhances hand-eye coordination, and improves memory. It’s also a great hobby to cultivate, and it can pave the way for future extracurricular activities, such as joining the band and theater.
If getting her a tutor to teach her how to play an instrument isn’t an option, don’t worry as there are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube. She doesn’t have to learn classical pieces immediately if she finds them boring; that can always come later! Get her started on learning her favorite tunes, and she’ll be filling the whole house with her rendition of “No Tears Left to Cry” soon.

For the bookworm
Does your daughter drag you inside a bookstore every time you go out? That’s definitely a good sign. Wide readers generally have better vocabularies and reading comprehension than other kids their age. They also often develop an interest in writing. You might be housing the next J. K. Rowling in the second-floor bedroom!
For a girl who can’t wait to get their hands on another book after finishing one, give her Kindle! This ebook reader tops many lists of the best Christmas gifts for girls. Now, you don’t have to carry four paperback books in your carry-on bag during your next vacation trip. Just download her favorite ebooks to her Kindle, bring the charger, and you’re all set!
You can even download your favorite cookbooks and recipes into her Kindle, as well…if she lets you borrow it, that is.
Buying a Christmas gift for your princess shouldn’t be too stressful—after all, who knows her better than her mom? Focus on her interests, and start from there. It’ll show her that you take her passions seriously and that you support her. Sure, she already knows that, but a gift to remind her certainly won’t hurt!

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