Essential Items Every RV Motorhome Owner Needs to Buy

Bought an RV motorhome or about to in the near future? Learn about the essential items that every RV owner needs to buy.

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So you’ve just purchased an RV motorhome or you’re looking to buy one in the near future? While there are many exciting times for you to look forward to, it’s important to realize that your work isn’t done yet, even if you have just finished paying thousands of dollars for your brand-new rig. This is because there are yet a handful of essential items that you must buy before you can enjoy the total experience that your new truck offers.

Unfortunately, this is where many people often get it wrong. They assume that there is no need to buy these items, or if they do buy them, they end up purchasing the wrong ones. However, doing this can affect your experience with the new rig.

Thankfully, this article will provide all the information you need to guide you on the additional essentials you should buy to help make your experience with your new RV all the more enjoyable. Ensure to read to the very end for the many fantastic informational tidbits contained within.

Essentials items to buy for your brand new RV motorhome

If you are a newbie who just got a new motorhome, here is a list to guide you on the essential things you should buy for your new recreational vehicle.

Sewage Hose and Tracks

Indeed, your sewage waste should be one of the first considerations after buying a new RV. This is because, well, you do not want to experience the discomfort from a lousy sewage system. Getting a hose long enough to stretch to the dump at dump stations will always be a wise decision for you.

Also, you would want to get tracks to help maintain your sewage line above the ground, especially in rainy or muddy conditions. These tracks are must-haves, especially if you want to stay on a site for some time.

Water Hose and Filter

There is no double-guessing why water is an essential item for your new RV because who doesn’t need water to survive? So, you should ensure to get a drinking water hose and filters for your new rig. Moreover, buying a drinking water hose for your RV is a more economical and environmentally friendly option than opting for constantly buying bottled water.

Also, you will need to install water filters in the rig to ensure that the water you drink is adequately purified. This will help reduce your exposure to diseases and infections. As an extra, you need to get a water pressure regulator too. This will help control the water pressure in your RV and protect your faucet.

Electric Adaptors, Cords, and Plugs

Electricity is another essential thing you should consider for your RV. Thankfully, the truck will come with a plug for providing connectivity. But then, if you wish to camp at garages, in driveways, or on-farm, you should consider a few more adaptors, cords, and plugs. These items will help to ensure that your electricity supply remains stable, even when camping out in remote locations.

Levelling Blocks

RV owners often find it challenging to locate an adequately level site for their camping experience, and this could be a challenge most of the time as your stabilizing jacks might not do enough to help you achieve the balance for your rig. Thankfully, levelling blocks can support the jack the provide just the adequate balance for your RV. This is why you should consider buying these blocks, in case you find yourself in such a situation.


Owning and camping in an RV can be so much fun. However, the work does not end at buying the rig. There are other essential RV essentials you must buy for a well-rounded experience. This article has highlighted some of them. If you’ve yet to by a new RV motorhome but are strongly considering it, speak with a RV motorhome dealer you can depend on.

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