Essential Must-Haves Every Home Chef Needs

If you’re only just starting to stock up your kitchen with everything it needs, or if you are battling to follow recipes because you don’t have specific cooking tools, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve rounded up a list of all the essential things you need to cook like a pro.

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Quality Kitchen Knives

There’s nothing worse for any chef than having to battle with blunt, inferior-quality kitchen knives. A dull knife can make it impossible to chop ingredients, and blunt blades also increase the risk of injury. Investing in quality kitchen knives, like those on this website, is essential for anyone learning their way around a kitchen and recipe books. 

Measuring Cups And Spoons

You won’t be able to bake if you don’t have measuring cups and spoons, and even though you can get by without these items when cooking meals, having them will help a lot. Guessing recipe ingredient volumes can result in a mess of a meal, especially for home chefs that are just starting out. 


When it comes to essential cookware, you will need a skillet, a saucepan, a stock pot, and a Dutch oven casserole dish are all you will need to get started. However, it’s best to choose stainless steel cookware. Even though nonstick cookware might be cheaper, the nonstick film can gradually cook into foods over time. 

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are crucial for baking and cooking. While you will need to mix up batter, icing, and more when baking, mixing bowls are also handy when making salads and so much more. It’s best to buy a set of quality plastic or glass mixing bowls with at least three sizes. 

Cutting Boards

It’s never wise to chop ingredients on the countertops; sharp knife blades will scratch the surface quickly. While a cutting board is essential, having more than one is just as necessary. Cross-contamination can happen when chopping meats, vegetables, seafood, and other foods on the same surface. So invest in three or more cutting boards and designate each board to one food group. 

Basic Set Of Utensils

You will also need a basic set of utensils, including a whisk, tongs, spatula, wooden spoon, can opener, pastry brush, peeler, ladle, and a garlic press. 

The kind of utensils you use will have a major impact on how your recipes come out, so it’s never best to substitute utensils recommended by any recipe. 

Mortar And Pestle

A mortar and pestle is a bowl and grinding club. These tools are used together to crush up herbs and spices. It can also be used to make pastes. Navigating recipes and creating unique meals is a lot easier with this kitchen essential. 

Once you have these essential cooking tools, you can start filling your kitchen cupboards and counters with additional utensils and appliances to make your kitchen even more functional. Air fryers, juicers, blenders, and baking equipment are great investments for any home cook. With that said, remember to keep your kitchen clean and organized

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