Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Reduce the Risk of Covid-19

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has for centuries dominated Mediterranean recipes and touted for its numerous health benefits backed by scientific data. Now with a pandemic urging everyone to spend their time at home, let us revisit the benefits of olive oil while finding out how it can help fight off this dreadful virus sweeping through the globe.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Covid-19

As all of us spend our time at home practicing social distancing, there are other ways to reinforce protection against this deadly virus. By strengthening our immunity, we make it less likely to let the virus take up abode in our bodies. WHO has released guidelines on how to reduce the chance of contracting the virus. 

This also includes improving our diet. A good and healthy diet makes a stronger immune system that is better equipped to fight against this virus. However, please do not think  that olive oil is a cure for covid-19 and contact your nearest health professional if you suspect you have it.

For generations, the Mediterranean diet has been praised for its healthy and nutritive quality and chief ingredient behind this is extra virgin olive oil. This wonder food has been the secret of the good health and long lifespan of people in this region. Here’s why.

Buy the Right Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Before you rush to make your purchase of this beneficial food staple, it would be wise to buy the right one. There are many types of olive oils to begin with and not all of them are consumable. 

Moreover, there are many unscrupulous businesses that sell olive oil tainted with refined oil as “extra virgin olive oil”. Therefore, placing your trust to the right company is essential for your food and health. Zeytin Oil is a trusted brand that has been producing high quality olive oil for generations. Moreover, their free shipping worldwide ensures you don't have to step out of your house to acquire this boon of nature. 

Extra Virgin olive oil is a Rich Source of Antioxidants
Free radicals are toxic molecules  causing  cellular damage that forms as a result of pollution, smoking and consumption of fatty food and alcohol. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E and polyphenols which neutralise these free radicals and protect your body.

Moreover, an antioxidant rich diet is proven to reduce the chance of infection, both bacterial and viral including Covid-19. Thus what better way than olive oil to ensure each dish you prepare is antioxidant rich.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Loaded with Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Rich in monounsaturated fat called oleic acid (73%) makes olive oil a healthy alternative for fat in your diet as well as reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease . As the fat is monounsaturated, there’s also no risk of weight gain. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Heart Health 

As the rates of Covid-19 infections rises, doctors have claimed that people with chronic medical conditions, especially heart diseases, are at increased risk of developing the infection. Furthermore, such people also develop more severe complications. 

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have credited EVOOs to reduce the risk of developing cardiac diseases by consuming only 2 tbs per day. It has anti-inflammatory properties, decreases “bad” LDL cholesterol, increases HDL “good” from oxidation, improves your blood vessels lining function and reduces excessive blood clotting as well as lower blood pressure. All of these help protect your heart health.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Brain Health

As our elderly population is more at risk of developing Covid-19 infection, it becomes even more important to reduce the chances of other conditions associated with age like Alzheimer’s Disease. Studies have shown that a diet rich in EVOOs is linked with reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease. EVOOs work by preventing buildup of beta-amyloid plaques responsible for the disease. 

In addition, the effect of EVOOs on cholesterol and blood pressure, has also shown a positive impact on the stroke incidence. One French study shows that people who use    olive oil in food had a 41% lower risk of stroke. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bone Health

Exercise and a calcium rich diet can enhance your bone health but did you know that EVOOs can do that too. In addition to bone mineralization, EVOOs also promote calcium deposition in bones thus reducing the chances of developing osteoporosis. So spend your self-quarantine with plenty of exercise and cook with olive oil  to stay healthy.

Extra Virgin olive oil and Mental Health

This period of social isolation can have a serious impact on the mental health of a sizable population. Numerous studies have cited that people eating  fast foods and premade baked goods containing trans fats, are more likely to have depression than those who consumed healthy fats like olive oil.  Spanish researchers from the University of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, claim that a diet rich in olive oil can protect against depression and anxiety. So now might be a good time to switch your cooking oil to this beneficial alternative.

Extra Virgin olive oil  Can Help Prevent Metabolic Disease

Another condition  that increases the risk of developing Covid-19 is Diabetes. A large analysis found that an olive oil inclusive daily diet could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 13%. Furthermore, an olive oil rich diet  was also found to help control blood glucose in diabetic people.

Additionally, another study claims that Mediterranean diet enriched with nuts or Extra Virgin Olive Oil decreased the risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 50%.This is thought  to be due to phenolic compounds present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil which aids in glucose metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity and effectiveness.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help  Prevent Cancer

Cancer has quickly become one of the leading causes of death and morbidity worldwide. This is both due to lifestyle changes and genetics. Nevertheless, some researchers claim that the reduced incidence of certain cancers in the Mediterranean population may be due to their diet. This may be due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property of olive oil as free radicals are known to be a risk factor for developing cancer. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Improves the Nutrition Value of the Food

In comparison to other healthy oils, olive takes the lead because of oxidative stability, superior antioxidant contents and monounsaturated fat ratio and its ability to complement both savoury and sweet dishes.

EVOOs are also known to not only preserve the nutrients of your food while cooking but also enhance them as demonstrated in broccolis. This is because of its heat-resistant antioxidants which become absorbed by the food rather than damaged by the heat. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Contribute to Health and Longevity 

In these trying times, it is imperative that we take extra precautions when it comes to taking care of our health. Changing your cooking oil to olive oil is a good place to start such practice. Not only are EVOOs enriched with essential micronutrients that strengthen your immune system but also a healthier alternative to fulfill the fat requirements of your diet. 


Keep in mind that EVOOs are advised here as a means to reduce the risk of developing Covid-19. However, they are not a cure for Covid-19, thus, if you suspect that you have any signs or symptoms, please follow your national guidelines. In addition to olive oil there are some other foods that can help fight Covid-19. Use this quarantine period to spend time with your family, cook great olive oil recipes and to catch up on TV shows.

Contribute to this fight against Covid-19 by staying inside. This way you will be keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and especially the frontline workers who are tirelessly working for our communities worldwide. Remember, don’t panic, stay informed and stay home!

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