Family Activities To Enjoy When Your College Kid Visits Home

Living apart from your kids when they’re off to college can be difficult, but doesn’t it make the holidays more special? 

From the moment you wave them goodbye till they step back through the front door, you hold onto the memories and wait for their arrival. 

The joy of having your kid home is unmatchable. What better way to make the most of this precious time than engaging in family activities and creating memorable moments? 

Continue to read more if you are out of ideas on what to do when your kids pay you their next visit. Plan some activities to strengthen the family bond. 

  1. Cooking 

Roll up your sleeves and embark on a culinary adventure. While your kids miss you when they are in college, they probably miss the food cooked by you more than anything else. Cook their favorite meal that they won’t get at the campus cafeteria. 

While cooking a large meal for the whole family will be a tiring task, involving every member will make the job fun and easier. Whether it’s a classic holiday dinner recipe or just a pizza night, cooking together will give everyone a way to bond and time to catch up on things.

  1. Catch Up

The busy schedule at college and fun activities with friends doesn’t allow students to chit-chat with family members. That’s why when your kid visits home it can be the perfect opportunity to sit and catch up. 

Make this simple moment the most precious by sharing experiences and some healthy gossip. Ask your kid about their relationships, school life and aspirations, but don’t burden them with stressful questions. 

This conversation will give you an understanding of who they’re becoming. If you find out your kids or their friends are falling into addiction and need help, don’t hesitate to refer them to Alcohol & Drug Rehab at WhiteSands in Florida.

  1. Outdoor Adventure

If you spend most of the time at home watching TV, it’s time to step out and hit the beach. You can plan a hike or bike ride with your family if the beach is not an option.

Exploring nature or doing any outdoor activity with family members will give you a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It will reduce stress and give the family members time to connect without distractions like OTT.  

  1. Board Games and Movie Night

Depending on the preference of your family, you can dedicate one night to either a movie or a board game. Or you could turn your living room into a mini-cinema by adding blankets, and popcorn and putting up a family movie.

If you are not a movie person, dust off those board games and let the competition begin! There are many options like Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno or Chess. 

You can try your hands on arts and crafts too. Gather some paints, glitter and paper to make something you can keep as a souvenir from this amazing night. 

  1. Spend a Day with Your Kid

If you’re a mother with a daughter, this one’s especially for you. What can strengthen your bond more than shopping and dedicating a day to self-care? Plan a day to explore the boutiques, try fashionable outfits, get a massage and rent a spa.

Similarly, all the father-son duos can see a baseball match or play golf. They can even head out to the local park for a game of catch. If playing or watching a game is not your thing, you can take over a DIY project like building or fixing furniture. 


The separation from your college-going kids is difficult, but it also builds excitement for those joyful holiday moments when you’re all together. You can make the most of the time with your kids by engaging in a fun family activity. You can pick up any activity that is of common interest to you and your kids, from cooking dinner together to building a treehouse. 

Apart from doing fun activities, make sure they are comfortable enough to open up about their troubles. Talk to them, share your concerns and find a solution to their problems.

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