Food Festival: Veggie Fest 2011

Food festivals are abundant during the summer months. Festivals celebrate great food and ingredients and anything goes from garlic festivals, bbq and rib fests, wine and cooking, strawberries and so much more. Veggie Fest held on the grounds of the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center on August 13 & 14, 2011 in Naperville, Illinois.

This festival no different than others, except that it celebrates veggies and vegetarianism..and it’s FREE! But you don’t have be a vegetarian to enjoy and appreciate this festival! It’s a great time to spend with your family and introduce them to local farmers, play games and activities, listen to live music and of course, EAT!

Veggie Fest’s boasts a diverse food court with about 21 vendors. “You’ll get to choose from an incredible assortment of delicious vegetarian cuisines. If you’re already a vegetarian, it’ll be a fun treat knowing that every single booth is offering something you can eat! If you’re new to vegetarian food, you’re bound to find something that makes you say, “Wow, I didn’t know vegetarian food could be so good!” And if you’re not eating dairy, don’t worry — you’ll find plenty of vegan food also.” The food court showcases vegetarian cuisine from Asian, Mediterrenean, Middle-Eastern, Italian, Caribbean countries, as well as desserts.

Food is a very interactive subject. Veggie Fest will feature “three Chicago area restaurants plus a number of chefs from commercial enterprises who will be doing demos this year.”

Karyn Calabrese of Karyn’s Fresh Corner
Veggie Fest 2011 is proud to feature local Chicago’s own Karyn Calabrese of Karyn’s “Fresh Corner” and “Karyn’s Cooked” presenting a food demo at Veggie Fest. Karyn is a successful entrepreneur and popular holistic health expert based in Chicago. At 64 years old she looks nearly a generation younger and enjoys boundless energy and great health.

Chicago Soy Dairy Chicago Soydairy manufactures all of their own products in our their own facility using an entirely vegan staff. Most food companies contract others to produce products for them, making it very difficult to completely eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. Dairy products, animal products, tree nuts, and peanuts never even enter our facility, giving our vegan and allergy-sensitive customers peace of mind. Chicago Soy Dairy will be serving up samples while demoing their products.

Come to Veggie Fest this year and experience something new and fun with your friends and family.

4S 175 Naperville-Wheaton Rd

Naperville, Illinois, 60563
630.955.1200 or 800.222.2207

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