Food First: A Mom's Guide To Getting Through The Morning

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Weekday mornings are a battle for almost every parent. From dragging your children kicking and screaming out of bed (when they somehow wake up happily at 6 AM at the weekends before coming in to bounce on your bed as you attempt to get a lie in) to trying to force some breakfast down their throats before bundling them into your car and getting to school ten minutes late, there are absolutely some challenges first thing in the morning. Here are some tips on how to make breakfast time a more civilized time for you and your family...

Provide Variation

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It can be tempting to give your kids the same thing for breakfast every single day, but the truth is that if you vary it a little then they’ll be a lot more willing to come downstairs to see what’s on the table that day, and it’ll also get a little more interesting for you as both a parent and someone who also eats breakfast. If your kids love peanut butter on toast then why not add slices of banana or apple to it? Cereal can also be improved - ditch those sugary cereals that will drive your kids’ teachers to despair by making them go totally hyperactive all morning, and go for a more simple granola mix that you can add berries like strawberries and blueberries to for added nutrients and taste. Here's a massive post with the bountiful benefits of blueberries from Foodal.

Add Decorations
If your children are particularly against the idea of eating breakfast then it’s time to make it a little more interesting for everyone. No one’s saying that you have to get up an hour earlier to painstakingly make pancakes in the shape of Elsa from Frozen or Chase from Paw Patrol - although if you can do that, kudos to you - but getting a cookie cutter to chop their toast into the shape of a star of a heart won’t waste much time and it might just entice any picky eaters to consume more before they go off to school.

Get Some Caffeine

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Chances are, you’re probably gulping down a cup of coffee as your kids eat their breakfast - there’s no need to be ashamed, a lot of us need a good cup of coffee like those from Honeybee Coffee & Brewery first thing in the morning to give us enough of a kick in the backside to get up and get on with our days. Treat yourself by ditching the instant coffee or the old rusty coffee maker, and go for a new one along with top rated espresso beans that will taste a whole lot better. Treat yourself - you deserve it.

Go With Routine
Finally, make sure that your kids know what’s expected of them every morning. Once you implement a routine every day, they’ll feel happier about going along with it - kids thrive with routines and it’ll make your mornings a lot easier. Whether your routine involves having the same thing on the same day each week, coming down at a set time every morning, or having one kid pick what everyone gets for breakfast on different days, you’ll find that it makes your life run a lot more smoothly.

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