Foods That Can Help You Increase Your Milk Supply

Specific Foods Help Increase Breast Milk Supply

There are mothers with lean builds and other issues who can produce no breast milk at all; in those situations, those who wish to breastfeed must explore options like cross-nursing, which is basically the modern equivalent of the services a wet nurse out of antiquity provided. Some mothers can breastfeed, but they don’t seem to produce enough milk.

It’s worth changing your diet to get the right amount of milk produced for your baby on a regular basis. Children need consistency, and as newborns grow into themselves, they tend to get on a pretty regular feeding schedule—provided you help them with it by moving things around in your own life for proper accommodation.

Sometimes, this feeding schedule in itself is all you really need for expanded milk production. When you’re synced to the baby, you’re “full” when the infant is hungry.

Other times, there’s more that needs to be done. One of the best methods for stimulating better production of breast milk involves altering diet to include more milk-friendly foods. We’ll explore a few here.

Meat That Is Lean, As Well As Poultry

Lean meats and poultry tend to be very good for breast milk production. Certain proteins give the body precisely what it needs in this regard, and lean meat is one of them. Poultry tends to be effective as well; it’s a healthier type of meat that’s naturally lean. Chicken is quite good for breast milk production.

Oatmeal And Oat Milk

There are also quite a lot of nutrients in oatmeal, and flavor varieties are readily available at most supermarkets. If this still isn’t to your liking, oat milk is out there, and it can do a lot to help you produce breast milk.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds certainly have their own particular flavor, and many mothers aren’t entirely enamored of it. Even so, if you can get more fennel in your diet, it’s going to help you produce more milk, and so make feeding more nutritious for your baby.


There are compounds of a variety that the body absorbs in a way similar to estrogen which naturally exist in an herb called fenugreek. The present thinking is that these make milk flow better.

There’s fenugreek tea, and the going wisdom is you should drink it three times a day. Official evidence on fenugreek effectiveness can be hard to find. Also, there are mothers who have reported gassy babies.


Garlic is aromatic and strong, and worth supplementing for more than its associated milk production qualities. Eaten raw, garlic acts as a natural antibiotic—it will help keep you more healthy, and by extension, your baby. Of course, garlic is rather strong, and can be hard to consume raw. However, you can cook it and still see its milk-producing qualities.

Provided you don’t mind a baby burp with a garlic effluvia, this can be one of the tastiest ways to enhance breast milk production. That said, if none of these foods excite you, there’s more tips, tricks, and best practices to increase breast milk supply at the hyperlink.

Having A More Consistent Supply Of Breast Milk

Meat that’s lean, poultry products like chicken that are naturally lean, oatmeal or oat milk, fennel seeds, fenugreek herb, and garlic represent some of the best foods to help your body naturally produce more milk for the newborn you’re nourishing into maturity. There are other foods which can help you as well; find what you like, and increase your intake daily.

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