Garage Upgrades You Can't Afford To Miss Out On

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If you have a garage, then you have something that can be a very important part of your home. Whether it connects to your house or sits off at the side, a garage gives you extra space. You’re free to use this space however you want - it could be to store your car, as general storage space, or possibly even an extra room. 

Regardless of what you’re using a garage for, it needs to have some key upgrades. Many ideas exist, but these three are the most essential ones to try first: 

Install a new floor

Typically, garage floors will be concrete that doesn’t really look any different from what’s on your driveway. This is because most builders don’t bother to install a proper floor when building a garage. So, if you’re using this space for anything other than to store your car, you should install new flooring

Opt for something that’s durable and easy to maintain - like vinyl or laminate flooring. Alternatively, go for something like polished concrete flooring or epoxy flooring. Both of these options look better than normal concrete yet can still hold the weight of a car. With a new floor, your garage instantly looks better. 

Get a more efficient garage door

What do we mean by an efficient garage door? Well, you want something that ticks all three of these boxes: 

  • It opens easily

  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space

  • It can be opened from afar

There’s nothing worse than needing to get out of your car and physically open the garage doors every time you have to go inside. The good thing is, there are many garage door installation options out there that tick all of the boxes above. Typically, the best idea is a door that folds upwards when opened and tucks away in the roof. No added space is taken up by the door, and you can press a button to open or close it. 

Insulate the garage

Finally, you should upgrade your garage with some actual insulation. There’s a reason your garage always feels chilly - it isn’t packed with the same insulation you find inside your home. So, if you are using this space to work or complete some DIY projects, it needs to be nice and warm

Add a heater to your garage, but also insulate the walls. It can benefit your car as well, stopping it from icing over during the freezing winter months. Plus, if you use your garage as car storage, but then want to convert it at a later date, it’s already set up and ready for you to use. 

See, there are lots of ideas to help you upgrade your garage and get more out of it. Some added options that didn’t quite make the cut include upgrading the roof, and adding some internal storage space - like shelving, etc. You can choose which upgrades you’d like to make based on your garage and what it currently looks like. It may come with a really good door and a nice floor, so you could opt for different upgrades instead!

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