Great Apps For The Beginner Cook

Great Apps for the Beginner Cook

With TV shows like Masterchef and America’s Worst Cooks, more people are inspired to make their own meals as everyday people demonstrate what Chef Gusteau famously proclaimed in Ratatouille, that anyone can cook.

Before the age of smartphones and tablets, we had to rely on television, cookbooks and the occasional websites to teach us the basics, which were kind of a nuisance in the kitchen as we were trying to figure out how to cut onions without crying or how to cook a steak medium rare. But now that we have recipe apps with video tutorials, learning how to cook has never been easier.

It’s funny how our devices have revolutionized the way that we work in the kitchen, and on a grander scale, changed the way we live, with app developers using a wide array of themes to appeal to varying consumer groups. From gamified productivity apps to, animated story apps to mobile casino slots with cute and fluffy twists, anything goes with the app market, though the most successful apps are the ones tailored for daily use, such as car hailing services, or in this case, the ones that provide you with creative ideas for beginner cooks or for the busy workweek in general.

Here are our top picks:

Tastemade A perfect example of an app that makes cooking accessible is Tastemade. A digital media company with a primary focus on food, travel and lifestyle, Tastemade provides video tutorials on “one pot” recipes and other how-to's that are just as easy to follow.

BigOven Not sure how to shop for a weekly meal plan? Let BigOven help. This app is your personal assistant in the kitchen, whether you need help with groceries or in need of recipes with special dietary needs.

SideChef Scrolling up and down your gadget can be irritating while handling hot pans and chopping vegetables, but you have nothing to worry about with SideChef as there are voice instructions as well as timers so that you can follow along the recipe without having to touch the screen.

What are your favorite cooking apps?

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