Hotel Hunting? 6 Amenities That Are Must-Haves

As you travel (either for business or for pleasure), you’re going to be tasked with finding the best hotel options available. See Gabba Hotels for a list of options.

You want to get maximum value for your money, of course—but you also want to feel comfortable. You want to have a pleasant experience that you can look back on and remember fondly—and you’re definitely not going to find such an experience if you don’t make sure to get a hotel that comes with a few basic amenities.

Amenities are tricky.

Some hotels seem to include a ton of them at no extra charge—while at other hotels, it can honestly feel like pulling teeth to try to get free wifi or access to the hot tub!

But here’s the real issue.

If you’re not used to traveling and booking hotels, then you may not be 100% sure what to look for where amenities are concerned.

And that’s where this post is going to come in for the save.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the 6 amenities that should always be must-haves whenever you’re booking a hotel. 

Let’s jump into it.


1. Free WiFi In Your Room

This one is a definite must-have.

In fact, a lot of people are actually really surprised to learn that not all hotels offer free wifi in every room.

Some hotels actually charge you extra for free wifi at the room level, opting instead to only offer it in common areas.

But honestly, this is kind of ridiculous—so always make sure that they’re offering free wifi in the room before booking.

If they say no—you can also ask for a free upgrade. They may give it to you!


2. Room Service

Room service is just so convenient.

I mean, you may not always use it.

But on those days when you just don’t feel like venturing out—it can truly be a life-saver.

Plus, who doesn’t like to have great food brought right to their room?

There’s just really no reason to neglect making sure that you at least have the option, right?


3. A Fitness Center

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean that you don’t need to keep up with those important fitness goals.

Heck—this is especially true if you’re looking for an extended stay or short-term rental.

Access to a gym, a spa, and possibly even a sports complex is definitely a must-have if you’re going to be staying away from home for any more than a day or two.

Your health and wellness is just too important for this not to be included.


4. Complimentary Breakfast

Nowadays, a lot of fine hotels offer awesome free breakfasts in the morning for their guests.

And honestly, this is a great amenity to check for before you ever book a room.

The convenience of not needing to source breakfast out and about, away from the hotel, is just too good to pass up.


5. Laundry Service

If you’re going to be staying for more than a day or two, then laundry is most definitely going to be a thing that needs to get done.

But always make sure that the hotel actually offers a laundry service—not just laundry machines.

This way, you can go ahead and leave your laundry in capable hands while you spend your valuable time doing what you’re supposed to be doing—enjoying your stay!


6. A Shuttle Service

If you plan to fly to your destination, then a shuttle service to and from the airport can save you a lot of time, hassle, and even cash!

Sure, you can always call a Taxi or an Uber. But sometimes, depending on how far away the hotel is from the airport, this can get surprisingly expensive!

Why not save some money by just always booking a hotel that offers an airport shuttle?

It may take some time to find, as not all hotels offer this. But the ones that do understand that it’s super helpful—and it’ll make a difference for your stay.



There you have it!

6 must-have amenities that you should never book without!

Armed with this information, you can now go forth and book the best hotels possible.

Enjoy your trip—and make sure to take some memorable pics/videos while you’re out and about in a new place!

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