How A Mom Created Her Own Organic Baby Food Line with @OrgaNums

How A Mom Created Her Own Organic Baby Food Line with OrgaNums

The number one concern of a new mother is her child’s health and when Ashley Rossi couldn’t find baby food that fit her nutritious criteria, she took matter into her own hands. CEO and founder of OrgaNums, Rossi wanted to make sure her child was getting the proper nutrients, but wanted to  avoid the added chemicals, questionable ingredients, and lack of nutrients found in standard baby food. With the help of a couple of  baby food cook books and a blender, Rossi realized she could help an entire market of mothers that have not been catered to.

OrgaNums all natural, organic ingredients, have lived up to its promise in giving their customers the most nutritious food possible. Most baby food products use ultra high temperatures (or UHT) to remove potentially harmful bacteria, but the heat also destroys many precious vitamins and minerals. OrgaNums’ heatless recipes use high pressure pasteurization instead, leaving the vitamins, nutrients, and true flavors in tact allowing children to grow up big and strong. Rossi has also taken into consideration food allergies and has offer single and duo-ingredient recipes so allergens can be isolated easily. 

OrgaNums has even designed their packaging with family’s best interest at heart. Meals are a time for you to bond with your child, it’s not just about getting the food into your child’s mouth. With an on-the-go food pouch, vital bonding time is lost because children get their food and go eat where they can continue playing. Studies also have shown that the transition into using a utensil is hindered. OrgaNums understands parents’ desire not to have to waste food which is why they have created re-sealable containers for your convenience.  

OrgaNums is just beginning to take off and are continuously working on expanding their product line! OrgaNums has looked at every angle in the food baby industry to give your children the safest and most nutritious meal possible while simultaneously reinforcing family time and a strong family bond.

For more information on OrgaNums™, visit or call 844-NUM-NUMS 

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