How To Choose Healthy Cookware To Your Kitchen

Have you ever thought about the types of cookware that we usually use in a daily basis in our kitchen whether it’s healthy or not? Even, if we use fresh and organic vegetable, are you sure when we put in into the pan, it’s not releasing toxic chemicals to the meal that you are about to eat?

Yes, it is a serious problem. Well, don’t worry about that. Actually, choosing the health friendly cookware is the best solution here. We are here to discuss about choosing healthy cookware to your kitchen in the best possible way.

How to choose?

If we are look our surrounding in the marketplace, there are so many cookware which is based on updated data, clinical trial, and user reviews. This information helps us to choose the best cookware to prepare food for our family. When, we are going to choose the best healthy cookware, we need to narrow it down by asking our self following question such as:

l  Are there evidence-based health risks?

l  Was this product manufactured in an ethical or green way?

l  Will it the best to everyday use?

When the following question meet our demands, then we can tell that yes, it the perfect cookware for healthy food.

First, We Need to Understand What is Healthy Cookware

At the time of evaluating our current cookware set or looking at any potential purchase, first we should consider the material it is made from. And, we should also know how that material is treated before it gets to our kitchen. We need to avoid the false advertising technique. We all know some cheap and small companies shout with buzzwords like “green” and “nontoxic” with their product around which is completely bogus. So, you need to be sure about the certificate of these products. And, we must avoid the buzzwords without proper certificate.

What to Consider When Choosing Healthy Cookware For Our kitchen?

To figure out which healthy cooker is best for us, we need to consider some fixed things along with some basic parameters.

l  First, we have to make sure that is it chemical free or not?

l  We also need to consider the product performance and price too.

l  Finally, we will also need to know the pros and cons of each cookware type and determined which one is best fits for our kitchen.

So, let’s look each of these consideration in a bit more dept:

Non-stick cookware

Nowadays, non-stick cookware is very common as a cooking accessory. The main application of non-stick cookware is not to allow sticking food on the pan. Here, pan’s surface is coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), known as Teflon. 

The most effective thing is that, here you need less butter and oil to cook. And, as a result the food contains less fat. Thus it makes food healthy.

If you are thinking for a long time using, it can be dangerous to use because of nonstick coating.


Note: Please try to buy premium quality non stick cookware for durability and do not use it if the coating  goes out.

Anodized Aluminum Cookware 

Anodized aluminium cookware is a very popular in the home and restaurant. The electrochemically modified surface of aluminum makes it twice harder than stainless steel. Its oxidized layer makes it scratch resistance, nonsticky, and non-reactive to food.

Anodized aluminum cookware is much safer to use. It is not same as other aluminum lightweight pans and pots. Here, while cooking in Anodized aluminium cookware, there is no chance to reactive with food and leach into the food. Moreover, it doesn’t have the problem of decaying in a few years. Also, it is easy to wash.

So, we can tell that it is very healthy and safe to use Anodized aluminium cookware for cooking for long time.

Stainless Steel Cookware

If you are looking for uncoated, long-lasting, and classic cookware for your kitchen, stainless steel cookware will be a good choice for you. Browning to braising, pickling to pasta everything is possible in one cookware. 

Focus on the materials, it is alloy which is a combination of chromium and nickel. And this alloy resists the leaching of harmful materials from pans and pots and allows safety cooking. But if you are using a poorly constructed one, it can go very wrong. Because it may leach nickel into food and that causes cancer to the human body. But, you can find nickle free stainless steel cookware set also in the market. Those will protect your health from dangerous nickle leaching.

Cast iron cookware 

Cast iron cookware is very popular and people use this for ages. Cooking with cast iron cookware is very useful as it distributes the heat to whole pan. It means during the heat flow, it distributes the heat throughout the pan which is necessary to kill the food bacterial and other germs. Cast iron cookware is also retaining heat for better performance and healthy cooking..

But in some cases, cast iron cookware leaches a sizable amount of iron in the food. It happens more when you're using an old one. And in the end, steel can come out of iron. So, do not buy it, if you want to cook for long time.

Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is slightly new to cookware industry. Here, ceramic coating is the main metal for making this. And this is the reason, why it differs from other cookware made of stainless steel, aluminum, and others.

This ceramic finish is free of heavy metals like PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFO, or commonly known as Teflon. 

If we compare it to stainless steel, ceramic cookware is more heat spreading and heat retaining material. And, if we talk about the health issues, it has proven over and over again that it is safe for cooking.


 Copper Cookware 


Copper cookware is made of copper as it is shown in its name. Cooper has the best rate for spreading heat and is 100% safe for cooking. And, it can grow heat very fast, and this heat spreads throughout the pan quickly. So, professional chefs prefer to use copper made cookware.

But, when it comes to pricing, it is much higher than the other materials made cookware. And, moreover, finding true copper cookware is very hard. So, if you can get a true copper cookware, please take it immediately.


Safety Tips


Safety is the highest priority always. And healthy cooking is the best way to get healthy and safe life. Here are some safety tips for you.

Not to overheat the nonstick pans: The non stick coating and metal is responsible for heating and retaining the heat in cookware. But for overheating, materials are decomposed and the chain can destroy. And harmful material can mix with the food. 


Avoid preheat an empty lightweight pan: Preheat causes overheating to your cookware. It is more dangerous when you are using a lightweight Pan.


Avoid broil or sear: It depends on which type of cookware you are handling. If you are not using a heavy one avoid broil or sear.


Use a sturdy pan: You need to choose sturdy nonstick cookware. Because, the lightweight cookware is heated instantly.


Avoid Scratching or damaging the pan: Must be awarded when you are washing. Use something which does not cause any harm to the pan.

Don’t use cookware for food storage: Avoid storing food on any cookware. It somewhat affects the taste of later cooked food and also may cause toxicity.


Here, we share some useful tips to make a smart purchase for a healthy cookware for our kitchen according to the product label and quality. Before buying a healthy cookware, the best advice for you is to do some research on them and know about their performance quality. Always make sure to buy a cooker which has to be 100% material itself and not with glazing on protein.

And one must remember one thing, sustainable and healthy cookware can become an old friend to our kitchen and even last for lifetime. If you have ever experienced some different situation while choosing healthy cookware for your kitchen, do comment us below. We will eagerly give you helpful advice about healthy cookware. Thank you. 








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