How to Make Your Bedroom Healthier 

There are many ways to achieve a healthy bedroom, whether you do something quick and simple each morning, like making your bed, or bringing in enough natural light to encourage a natural waking up process. But, even these methods will not guarantee an all-around healthy bedroom. You might still wake up exhausted or struggle to get to sleep, both of which can severely impact your day and lifestyle. If you want to make effective changes to your bedroom environment, here are some tips to make your bedroom healthier.

Prioritize Your Bed 

The best way to ensure a healthier bedroom is to focus on your bed. As this is where you spend a third of your life, it should be as comfortable as possible and provide the right amount of support for your sleep position and style. 

Going as far as asking how long does a mattress last, and how can you make it last longer can help you find the perfect mattress for you and take good care of it. You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade your mattress so you can get the most benefit and enjoy a comfortable and supportive sleep that prevents morning aches and pains. 

Clean Dust and Debris 

If you have pets and kits or carpets and rugs, dust and debris are likely to collect around your bedroom. Over time, this can affect your breathing and overall health as the dust is too prominent. The same goes with pet hair or crumbs your kids could leave all over the place, while your hair or dead skin cells can get into your pillow and mattress. 

Regular vacuuming and dusting can solve this, but you should also clean your AC unit filter to allow better airflow that helps reduce air quality issues and ensures you and your pattern can breathe and sleep comfortably. 

Dim Your Lights 

Bright and harsh lights are never pleasant, but many people use them to help wake up every morning. Still, these lights are only useful for waking up. You don’t need them as you’re easing into bed as the change from bright to dark can be too much.

Dimmable lighting can help you settle into bed, but if you don’t have a dimmer switch, using a lamp or even candles (as long as you’re aware of fire hazards) could be another way to help you get to sleep. 

Leave the Screens Downstairs 

If you’re someone who loves to scroll through their Instagram before bed, you might also complain that you can’t get to sleep as easily as you’d like. These two habits are connected, as the screen produces blue light that affects your ability to get to sleep straight away.

Leaving your screens downstairs can help make getting sleep more straightforward. Instead, read a book or a magazine. You could also set up a blue light filter to help your eyesight, but there is still the risk your phone being close might distract you. 

Healthy Sleep 

A healthy lifestyle all begins with a healthy bedroom. These tips can help you feel more energized, ensuring you have the mental sharpness and physical ability to get through each day before you do it all again tomorrow.

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