How To Use An Electric Smoker Perfectly

Electric smokers serve you delicious smoky flavored food effectively. These smokers are entirely different from charcoal or gas smokers which require lots of attention from the users. The electric smokers are very convenient to use and most importantly gives you great delicious food. 

Many of you may have a high-end electric smoker at your place, but still might be confused on how to use it properly. That's why we're here in this article, providing you all those necessary steps which will tell you how to use an Electric Smoker perfectly.

Steps to get started with your electric smoker

Step I: Select the right smoker for yourself:

There are various models of electric smokers available in the market, but not every model will work best for you. Here, you can opt for vertical electric smokers which are inexpensive and are recommended to use at warm weather. While you can also look for an electric cabinet smoker. This particular type of smoker comes with a temperature gauge which gives you good control over cooking. 

Step II: Read Out The Manual:

Many buyers don't show enough interest in reading the manual. But this manual contains some useful information and details about your electric smoker, which will help you on beginning with your gadget. Different models of electric smokers operate differently, that's why it is important for you to know every detail. And we're pretty sure that once you read the manual properly, you'll be on the way of becoming a professional.

Step III: Seasoning Your Electric Smoker:

The very first thing you should perform after buying a new electric smoker is seasoning (or curing). Actually, whenever you purchase a new smoker, you've to turn it on with no food inside it to perform curing. Due to this, all the dust and bad odors present inside the unit will get removed. I would suggest to plug in the electric smoker at high temperature for about 1 hour or more. Let the smoker to cool down, before getting started. 

Step IV: Begin With Your Meat:

In this step, you've to prepare (or season) your meat according to the recipe you want. For example, if you want to marinate your meat for at least an hour, it is recommended to do it overnight. However, if you can't bare such a long time, then you must give it a few hours to get marinate and absorb flavors. So before enjoying delicious meat at dinner, you've to prepare it by trimming any fat and giving it maximum moisture. 

Step V: Preheat Your Electric Smoker:

And now it's time to switch towards your smoker by turning it on. You've to set the temperature at maximum for about 45 minutes before adding food to it. And before turning the smoker on, put wood chips inside the tray. This will produce smoke and provide flavor to your meat. Also, if your smoker has a water tray then fill it up to get the moist texture of meat throughout the cooking process. 

Step VI: Put The Meat In The Smoker:

It's time to set the temperature of the smoker and turn it on. The temperature for the different recipes would be specific and must be followed. And once the temperature is set, put the meat inside it. You can have a digital bbq thermometer here to know the internal temperature. Now add more wood chips and wait for some time. This is the time where you've to go patient, as the cooking time may be long. 

So these were the few steps to use your electric smoker perfectly. If you've bought a new smoker, then turn onto this steps for getting delicious food every time. And if you are looking for a new electric smoker, you may like a buying guide on Gadgetspicker which may help you select the best one for you. 

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