Interior Design and Your Living Room: Choosing Between Traditional and Contemporary

Are you currently embarking upon an interior refresh, or have you recently moved in to your newly built or renovated house? If so, you are likely to be faced with a design dilemma, especially when it comes to your living room. Do you opt for a traditional, rustic look and feel, or do you go for something more contemporary and quirky? The pros and cons of each are highlighted below.

Traditional Living Rooms 
If you are keen to craft an inherently homely or nostalgic atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with a traditional approach to interior design. Essentially, this involves filling your living space with the best of the trends from the past and, if budget allows, some stunning antiques, too. You can bring out that traditional vibe by investing in classics like a fireplace with a wooden or marble mantle. is a specialist in both stone and wood fireplace designs if you would like to get a feel for the style that most appeals to you. 

Along with a fireplace, you can also inject tradition by applying beautiful wallpaper to your walls instead of a lick of paint. Opt for thicker curtains as opposed to blinds, and layer patterned or textured area rugs in strategic places. Alternatively, you can decide to have the entire room fitted with carpet. 

The main advantage of traditional living rooms is that they are naturally cozy and inviting spaces. However, some people may be of the opinion that they are too old fashioned or dated. It can also be challenging to find appropriate décor, as you will often need to go in search of it at antique stores and charity shops. After all, there isn’t a guarantee that you will always find what you are looking for. 

Contemporary Living Rooms 
You have a bit more freedom to be creative if you opt to take your living room in the contemporary direction. Commonly, contemporary living rooms feature stunning wooden flooring and modern furnishings that give it that trendy, crisp, and stylish aesthetic. The reigning contemporary design trend of the moment is that of minimalism. 

The key is to create something awe inspiring without doing too much. Keep décor simplistic and opt for clean lines and neutral colors. Black, white, and gray are favorites for most contemporary living rooms. You can then add a pop of color here and there by choosing one or two accent colors, such as royal blue and sunflower yellow.

Contemporary living rooms can also make the most of cozy fireplaces. The secret is to select a mantle in the right material. You cannot go wrong with black slate or shiny stone, for instance. 

The main advantage of contemporary vs traditional living rooms is that the former gives off a sense of being more current and is a top choice for anyone who is keen to follow the most recent trends. The only possible downside is the fact that contemporary styled living rooms run the risk of feeling ‘cold’ and uninviting. Although this is easily rectified by paying special attention to texture. 

At the end of the day, it is a matter of preference. Just do you!

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