Is CBD Gluten Free?

This is the frequently asked question and there is a lot on the internet to confuse you about the topic. Answering the question to the point, CBD is definitely gluten free in its pure form. Now, what are the pure form of the CBD? Simply put, the products of CBD which do not contain preservatives, added flavors etc. are gluten free. 

Ivan @ Greenthevoteok says “CBD products like isolate CBD or pure CBD, vaping oils, concentrates and herbs, capsules and pills, tinctures, strips and sublingual drops, organic cream and lotions of CBD are the major products which are free from gluten”. 

The above-mentioned products usually contain CBD in its pure form as powder, oil etc. Still, you need to check the ingredients of the products to be a hundred percent sure if the product you are taking is free from gluten. 

What CBD Products Contain Gluten?

Now, let us discuss which product of CBD contains gluten. There are two important products of CBD which contain high chances of gluten contamination: 

  • CBD Edibles 
  • CBD infused drinks 

While buying the products, do not let the “gluten-free label” trick your mind. Make sure that you check the ingredients before being sure that the product is free from gluten. 

Having said that, CBD edibles are often mixed with additives and preservatives. These additives and food items may carry gluten. So, the gluten may be present in the product with these preservatives, additives and food products. 

CBD infused drinks are very popular in the market nowadays. People, especially youngsters, prefer these drinks over the pills, lotions and oils. But what they miss considering is that these drinks also contain additives, preservatives and flavors. These additive products might contain gluten. 

The best thing you can do is to go for the CBD products like pills, oils and creams instead of taking edibles or drinks. You cannot be completely sure about which ingredient mixed with CBD contains gluten. 

Still, if you prefer drinks over the pills, you may go for teas and water which contain CBD in them instead of other flavored drinks and products. Though the risk of gluten being present in these products still remains, but the probability is comparatively less. 

What to look out for?

Better to be safe than regret:  Whether you prefer gluten-free diet by choice or are medically bound to avoid gluten due to some disease or health issues, it is better to buy the safe products than to regret later. So, make pills, tinctures, strips, creams, and oils your priorities. Avoid going for the edibles and drinks because you never know which product of the drink, added for flavor or to preserve the drink, contains gluten it. It is of utmost importance when you are checking the ingredients of the CBD-products that you keep in mind that the preservatives added in the items may also have gluten in it. 

Contamination: At times, there may be cross-contamination. Hemp seeds themselves do not carry gluten but there is a chance that they might get contaminated from the gluten-carrying plants like barley, wheat oats etc. The chances of such contamination occurs when there are farms of barley, wheat or other gluten containing plants near hemp farm. 

Few processing plants of hemp like barley, oats etc. contains gluten as well. This increases the chance of CBD getting contaminated with gluten. 

The CBD oils can also get contaminated with gluten if processed near crops containing gluten. The oils from the contaminated hemp seeds will have gluten in them as well. 

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