Keeping Your Pantry Safe From Pests

There has been a rise in household insects and other pests across the US, and this can result in expensive damage to your home. For instance, termites cause over 5 billion dollars of damage in the US every year!

And if you have pests in your home, there is a good chance they are living in the pantry. After all, the room is filled with delicious food, and it is rarely disturbed by humans. This is unhygienic and unpleasant, but thankfully there are ways to keep your pantry pest-free.

Here are four things to consider if you want to keep your pantry safe from pests.

How Pests Get Into Your Pantry

Pests can get inside your pantry in two different ways; they can come in by themselves, or you can accidentally carry them inside. So if you buy grains, fruits, or vegetables to store in your pantry, check the packaging first for any rips or tears. Once you are home unpacking the produce and wash it, and then when you are sure it is pest-free, you can put it inside the pantry.

It is also essential to be aware that some pests (such as moths) can fly inside when you open the door, so if you see anything fly inside, try to remove it before it can lay eggs.

Pests Are Normally There Before You Realize

Pests usually live inside your home for quite a while before you see them. Most insects will lay eggs that can’t be seen by the naked eye – and sometimes even fully grown insects can be hard to see as they are the same color as the food they are eating.

So if you notice a sudden influx of pests in your home, there could be an infestation. If this is the case, you may need to call a pest control San Diego team, as they will be able to remove the insects safely and effectively.

How To Keep Your Pantry Safe

You can reduce the chance of getting pests by making sure your pantry is well-sealed. Check window frames for small cracks caused by weather damage, and if you find any block them up with caulking. Keep food on a mobile wire rack (instead of a wooden shelf, as this means that any free food will fall to the floor so you can sweep it up. Keep all of your food in air-tight, sealed containers.

Don’t Forget About Outside The House

Finally, don’t forget about the outside of your home. If you maintain your yard, you will significantly reduce the chance of pests coming inside your home, so make sure that foliage is a few inches away from your home (rather than touching the walls). Doing this will make it harder for insects to find cracks in your walls and windows, and make sure there isn’t any stagnant water in your garden. If you do have a pond or a fountain, clean it regularly and use an effective insecticide.

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