Last Minute Valentine's Day Hacks

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you may have just realized that it crept up on you and you are totally unprepared! Check out these Valentine’s Day hacks that will save you from sleeping on the couch this weekend. You’re welcome.

heart cookie cutter

Cookie cutter by Wilton

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter: Buy heart-shaped cookie cutters in a couple different sizes and cut out ANYTHING YOU CAN in hearts. Pancakes, sandwich bread, brownies, pizza…anything!! It’s cute and looks like you put all the extra effort. Your kids will be sure to love this.

Pink Pasta: If you’re going to cook, a tip we learned from pastry-chef and popular food blogger, Marnely Rodriguez-Murray of Cooking With Books is to boil pasta in red wine! Your pasta turns into a beautiful hue and perfect for a romantic evening that will make you look like a gourmet chef! Try it topped with olive oil, proscuitto slices and Parmesan cheese.

If You Forgot To Make Reservations: Call your honey’s favorite restaurant and order food for take-out, buy tons of candles, put on some sexy music and have your favorite restaurant meal at home. For busy parents, this may even be a better option that going out!

Make A Gift Basket: If your honey is a foodie and home cook, run to the nearest home goods store and pick up anything and everything pink/red! Pink Himalayan salt, pink spatulas, kitchen towels with hearts, that fancy gourmet bottle of red wine vinaigrette and create a nice little bundle of gifts with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Monthly Food Club: Is your man obsessed with bacon? Is your woman a whiskey lover? Check out these cool monthly clubs that would be great gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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