{lifestyle} Taste of Fooditude 2011

In the website, their mission states, “Fooditude” is a reality based, multi-media program for “Tweens” (children ages 8 to 12) that keeps kids and food as its central theme.”

Many reports are showing the rise in childhood obesity and diabetes that were once only thought of as diseases the adults inherited, come from the lack of healthy eating habits by our young ones and their parents. And with our society’s fast-paced lifestyle, more and more adults are coming away from home-cooked meals, and opting for fast food that seems to be convenient for a busy family.

What many people don’t want to recognize is that diets filled with fast-food, junk food and restaurant food is what has brought us to where we are today in our healthy issues as a society.

Fooditude creator Kerry O’Tolski, and co-creators, Elise Jaffe and Jodi Balis sought out to do their part to teach youngsters about how fun, delicious and healthy REAL food can be by creating a multi-media outlet, to get tweens involved through hands-on experiences with food, agriculture and sustainability.

I attached Fooditude’s video because they have done such a great job introducing their program and best explains their mission.

In it’s third year, Fooditude held their “Taste of Fooditude”, this year held at the Chicago French Market.

The Taste showcased partners like the non-profit, Green City Market, Kendall College, Saigon Sisters, Lavazza,  and more! Behind the tables serving food alongside chefs were Fooditude kids themselves!

Another highlight of the Taste of Fooditude was the announcement of the finalists of Fooditour, where auditions were held in several farmers’ markets throughout the summer to become a Fooditude castmember. The video below will show you who these bright young foodies are.

I applaud Fooditude for rising up and finding creative ways through our media-driven society and adolescents, to figure out how to teach very important food, health and sustainability issues to a generation that desperately needs it…including their parents! :-)

To find out more about Fooditude’s programs and events and how you and your child(ren) can get involved, visit

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