Momma Cuisine for Chase Bank's Mission Main Street $250,000 Grant

I am on a huge mission. My mission is for Momma Cuisine to be one of the 12 recipients of the $250,000 grant from Chase to help me take my mission to empower families to make Great Everyday Meals to the next level in business. I am preparing to launch GEMFoodMag in the Spring of 2014. GEMFoodMag is a digital magazine that I am curating, bringing fresh new recipes, never before seen videos, food and family travel ideas, giveaways and so much more for the subscribers from me, my editors and contributors. I wanted to bring brand new content to readers and new fans in a digital magazine experience that is at the forefront of publishing, with interactivity with social media, videos embedded right on the page, live links to brand websites and so much more. It’s a high level experience that is fun and engaging delivered on readers tablets, smart phones and laptops.


There is a ton of incredible talent behind GEMFoodMag and this talent, who believes so much in our mission to get families excited about Great Everyday Meals, all deserve to make a living doing this project. I even got celebrity chef Fabio Viviani from Top Chef to agree to be featured in our first issue! Besides GEMFoodMag, this Mission Main Street $250,000 grant from Chase will afford Momma Cuisine to continue, heck even upgrade our series of shows. The Great Everyday Meals Recipe Show, Food Travels series and GEMFoodMag LIVE talk show are all in need of financial backing to continue to grow in the direction we are pushing it to, which is national and even worldwide.

When I started Momma Cuisine in 2009, I did it with a big dream of inspiring home cooks and those who thought of cooking as a chore and bore, just as I was inspired watching public television with Julia Child, Jacque Pepin, Martin Yan, Two Fat Ladies, The Galloping Gourmet and so much more. It’s wasn’t so much about being famous on TV, it was more about engaging audiences in an entertaining way and instilling that little voice in their heart that these are recipes they can recreate for their loved ones. From then on, with no money, a big dream, FacebookTwitter and a website, I set out to create Momma Cuisine and gave myself 5 years to create some level of consumer awareness about the Momma Cuisine brand.

Last October 2013, I finally left working all together after almost 10 years in the restaurant industry as a corporate trainer and manager, then switching to a part-time receptionist position to focus on growing Momma Cuisine more seriously. My husband and I thought that we would weather the financial storm of me not working a “regular job” while I pursue my dream of building a cooking personality brand.

In 2014, I will be entering my fifth year as my journey as Momma Cuisine. Looking back, I cannot believe all that I have achieved, all the great people I have met, the moments created and stories I get to tell my grandchildren one day. But, I want more. I have barely scratched the surface. My journey is just beginning and I hope that you take the time to subscribe to GEMFoodMag and vote for Momma Cuisine to be  Chase Mission Main Street Grant recipient, so that I can continue this journey of empowering and inspiring families to make Great Everyday Meals with simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It’s late and I’m not sure my sentences are making any more sense! :)

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