Motivate Yourself to Include Green Juice in Your Daily Diet

Green juice is a healthy addition to your diet, but it may not be so interesting to consume. Let’s understand how one can make himself adapted to that.

If you’re reading this article, you probably have already adapted to the trend of the green juice diet as it is there for a while now. But apart from making the drink itself, maybe you need to think about the way you’re consuming it. Actually, to maximize the benefits of this highly nutritional profile drink, the way of drinking green juice can be the deal-breaker. Besides that, the price of the green juice found in the stores is usually exorbitant. So, even if people enjoy the habit, some of them can only consume it occasionally. That’s why it would be a great idea to come up with your own recipe for juicing greens and veggies. Other than that, you’re going to enjoy the green juice with a refreshing taste, which is basically an exceptional way to use up produce. And, you’ll experience increased energy and immunity with some great health benefits.


Although it has a lower concentration of fiber in it, green juice offers two major benefits. The concentration of micronutrients is higher in it, and that makes green juice easier to absorb. Some nutritionists say that although fiber is important for gut health, it still requires a bit of effort to get digested. So while you are drinking green juice, it is going to give a brief rest to your digestive system, positively impacting your physical health. And you know, your physical health has effects on your mental health.

Here are some tips which you can keep in mind while you go green next time.


1.  It Should Be the First in Queue

Digestion of the green juice is incredibly easy. Actually, this thing goes straight to the bloodstream requiring little or no work from your digestive system. But it can wreak a bit of havoc there if you drink green juice while there is food already in your digestive tract. The harder-to-digest material is going to be hit by the easy-to-digest juice and will be backed up in the system. In the meanwhile, the juice is going to dilute the rest of the food in the system, and your digestion will get exceptionally inefficient. So, green juice should come first while you’re going to start your day, except for water and fruit (after 30-45 minutes). And that way, you’ll get benefited from it the most. This can be a great appetizer for your breakfast.


2.  Green Juice as A Breakfast Replacement

The main attractive advantage of green juice rather than its ingredients’ nutritional properties - as well as the reason why it is preferred over green smoothies - is that it provides a break to the digestive system. Despite not having eaten anything, you’ll still feel nourished and satisfied when you ingest the green juice, replacing the ritual of a regular meal. This is a light fast of sorts. A breakfast containing a fiber-full meal puts pressure on the digestive system for expending its energy on what it is designed to do. 

The bitter truth is that the generations-old tradition of having three meals a day (or the popularized scheme of six small meals a day) creates pressure on our digestive system and leads a person to eat a hefty breakfast. It is also known to be the most important meal of the day, and the last meal you ate last night did not fully come out of your stomach, causing a disaster for complex substances in the digestive tract and colon. This can also lead to food poisoning.


Basically, this rule has its conditions. When you eat dinner pretty soon and don’t go extravagant, you’ll be able to get along with a mild breakfast. If you exercise pretty hard, you’ll need an adequate amount of protein for replenishing your tissues, which cannot be satisfied by a green juice alone. So, you need to have an easy to digest, small meal after drinking a glass of green juice. But remember, it should be nothing hefty and crazy. To have the best breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, you’ll need a glass of green juice.

3.  Have Patience and Wait

Maybe you are a punctual person who would like to drink green juice at 9 a.m. exactly or any other pre-set time, but it’s better to wait until your body craves for it. It can be as early as 6 a.m. to as late as 3 p.m. This condition applies to intuitive eating too. You are losing the sense of being truly hungry when you push meals into your body forcibly just because it feels adequate for the hour. Take some time to reflect on what you’re feeling actually when you feel the need for eating. It can be anxiety or due to a glance at the clock. 

After waking up in the morning, drink as much water as you can. If you still feel the craving for something more, drink a glass of green juice. It depends on when you had your meal last night and what it was. If the meal was heavy, your body would ask for a green juice in the latter part of the day probably. And if your work requires you to leave early in the morning, keep a small bag with an ice pack where you can carry the bottle of your green juice and then consume it when your body asks for it. Sirup ohne Zucker is often sought after by individuals who are looking to reduce their sugar intake or who need to avoid sugar due to dietary restrictions or health concerns. This way, you can keep your green juice safe for a few hours.

4.  The Taste Shouldn’t Matter That Much

You get the taste in green juice because of the fruit in it, but fruits aren’t the deal-breaker here - we are here for the green leaves! Not that your daily green juice tastes bad, but it shouldn't taste like a fruit smoothie; you should add more green and vegetable flavors to it. The taste may not please you at first, but you’ll get used to it. Green leaves, celery, cucumber, and carrots are desirable to keep in your green juice, and after that, you can add the likes of half green apple to make it a bit sweeter while you take a sip. 

5.  The Recipe Shouldn’t Be Constant

You may find your own best recipe for green juice according to your choice, but don’t get stuck with it. It is important to rotate the greens in your juice as you do with the salad. Besides being medicinal, all greens contain a certain level of toxicity as well, and you’ll build up the toxins in your body if you heavily rely on just one green, which can develop adverse effects in your system ultimately. To avoid this circumstance, keep rotating your greens. Surprising your palate can also be a good idea every so often. 

Let’s go green with the green juice.

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

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