New Beginnings: Three Simple Ways To Commemorate Your Baby's Birth

There are few things more wonderful and exciting that the birth of your baby. The only problem is that it can often feel like the time flies by far too quickly. There's so much going on that you end up in a whirl of excitement and exhaustion that can often leave you struggling to take note of the little moments that really help you appreciate this amazing time in both yours and your baby's life. It might not be easy, but it's important to take some time and slow down just a little so that you and your partner can truly appreciate this special time. It's so fleeting that, if you don't, you'll find that it's gone before you even notice. But what can you do to preserve those memories and make sure that they aren't lost in the whirlwind that the first year of your baby's life? Here are just a few simple ideas for commemorating the birth of your child.

A newborn photo shoot

Baby's Feet on Brown Wicker Basket

They say a picture paints a thousand words and that's definitely true. You can tell stories about your baby when they were first born for years to come, and you probably will, but you'll never quite be able to capture exactly what they were like in that tiny moment when they were first born. A newborn photo shoot is a great way to help preserve that moment. If a newborn photo shoot sounds cheesy or unpleasant then don't worry, photographers who specialize in newborn photography take great care to make sure that your baby is both safe and comfortable. Check out this newborn gallery to see the beautiful images that newborn photographers can create. Whether you want a little photo to stick into an album, or you want something to be able to frame and have up on the wall, there are few ways to preserve the first days of your child's life than a photograph.

Footprint molding

Footprint molding is fantastic because, unlike professional photo shoots, this is something that you can do at home. You can usually buy the clay that you need at plenty of different stores, and all you need is your baby’s foot, or hand, to be pressed into the clay gently. After that, you've got a lovely mold of your child's foot that you can use as a decoration in your home. Something you might want to do after that is to take a new mold of their foot every year so that you can see how much they've grown.

Home video

3 Vhs Tape on Top of Table

There's an amusing stereotype of the dad obsessively filming everything that their baby does from the moment it's born. Of course, that can understandably get a little irritating but here's the thing. Do you really think you'll ever look back and think "gosh, I wish we had less video footage of the first days of our child's life?" Probably not! Now with smartphones, taking high-quality home video of your baby's first moments is easier than ever! You can see their first moments in full motion, rather than just a static image.

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