Now You’re Cooking – 7 Must-have Items for Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is a workspace, and like any other, it needs the right tools to make tasks easier. Whether you’re just moving into your first apartment, or you’ve decided the heart of your home needs an upgrade, there are several must-have items you need for your new kitchen. 

Great Quality Cookware Sets

The key to creating culinary masterpieces in any kitchen is having great quality cookware sets made of the right materials. For example, pots, pans, and skillets with non-stick surfaces help beginner and seasoned cooks alike create sauces, stir-fries, sautéed foods, and more without the worry or hassle of messy cleanup. Stainless steel pots and pans are also a fantastic choice for their durability and even heat distribution. 


Whether you buy a butcher block full of knives, or you opt for simple and strategically choose just a few multi-purpose blades, it pays to purchase the best knives you can afford. Before making your purchase, however, hold the knives in your hand. They should feel natural – like an extension of your hand. 

Plastic Cutting Boards

To keep your knives sharper for longer, and to protect your countertops, you’ll need a couple of cutting boards. Ideally, three cutting boards are smart – use one for raw meats, one for fish and the other for cooked foods and produce to avoid cross-contamination. Plastic cutting boards are lightweight, gentle on your knives and usually dishwasher safe. 

Mixing Bowls

Almost anything goes here because mixing bowls come in a variety of colors and materials. As long as you get a set that has three different sizes that nestle inside one another, you are good to go. Stainless steel mixing bowls also look stunning and will last forever. 

Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you have mixing bowls, you’re going to need measuring cups and spoons, too. If you don’t already know, there are different measuring cups for liquids and dry ingredients. Measuring cups for liquids typically have a handle and a pour spout, while dry ingredient measuring cups are flat for easy leveling off. Purchase a complete set of dry ingredient cups, measuring spoons, and at least one liquid measuring cup, so you know you have everything you need to measure ingredients accurately. 

Metal and Plastic Spatulas and Spoons

You can never have too many spatulas and serving spoons in any kitchen. It’s a good idea, however, to have a good mix of both plastic and metal turners and spoons to make cooking and serving anything easy. For instance, when cooking on non-stick surfaces, you should always use plastic utensils, so you don’t damage the pan’s non-stick qualities. For extra credit, try silicone utensils. They are lightweight, easy to use and a cinch to clean

Towels, Hot Pads, and Oven Mitts

When working in the kitchen, it’s important to protect your hands. Hospital emergency rooms see people with kitchen-related burns quite frequently, so keeping plenty of heat-resistant mitts and pads handy is very smart. 

When buying oven mitts, hot pads, towels, and dishcloths, the choice is yours. Many people enjoy this fun task as it allows them to get things that match and enhance the décor of their kitchen. Use your imagination and have fun. 

Your kitchen is a place where magic happens, but only if you have the right tools of the trade. Just as a construction worker wouldn’t head off to work without his trusty hammer, you shouldn’t attempt to create a meal in your kitchen without the right equipment. Be sure your kitchen includes all of the must-have items that we’ve discussed today. 

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