NuWave PIC's Pros and Cons: A Practical Buying Guide

Induction cooking has everybody talking, be they professional chefs looking to cook an elaborate meal or college students prepping a quick dinner. As most cooking professionals know, induction cooktops come with their fair share of advantages over stovetops, ranging from money saving to healthy eating.

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) has quickly gained media attention and consumers’ praise, so today we will discuss in detail its pros and cons for a practical buying guide for all those interested in its benefits.
What is the NuWave PIC and How Does it Work?
The NuWave induction cooktop promises to bring all the benefits of a regular stovetop, along with some extra portability, efficiency, healthiness, and comfort-related advantages to your kitchen.
However, before you buy the cooktop, we strongly recommend that you first read the best NuWave PIC cooktop reviews on the TheKitchenAdvisor website. There you will learn more about the several NuWave PIC types and models, their best features, tech specs, ratings, prices, and more. Any shopping decision should come after thorough research. Fortunately, the reviews are comprehensive and transparent.
Before taking a purchase decision involving a NuWave PIC, let’s focus on the device’s pros and cons – regardless of the types and models described in the reviews.
NuWave PIC’s Pros and Advantages You Will Likely Enjoy
Assuming you pick the NuWave cooktop for your delightful chef’s kitchen and plan to use it regularly, here are the main pro points you should know about.
When you truly make your kitchen YOUR kitchen, you should always consider your workspace and flow, making the adjustments the way they feel right to you. The NuWave induction cooktop will allow you more freedom to organize your space just the way you want it as it is compact, even in larger models, and the only thing it needs is an outlet.
People planning to prepare an elaborate holiday meal or a dinner party can place the cooktop anywhere they see fit and start prepping their creations.
•    The versatility of the NuWave PIC is its top feature that has impressed us. You can use it to boil, simmer, sauté, grill, sear, deep-fry, and steam your dishes with little to no effort at all;
•    You will also enjoy the fact that the cooktop heats things up very fast, dramatically cutting down cooking times and energy spending;
Precision Cooking
Do you know those recipes where the temperature of cooking is even more important than the ingredients you use? If you need to know the exact temperatures for some unique recipes, the NuWave PIC will be your best ally. Unlike electric/gas stovetops and ovens, this cooktop can reach that exact 300-degree temperature you need for your perfect dish.
•    You can set the temperature in 5 degrees increments up to 500+ degrees;
•    Moreover, some NuWave models are programmable – meaning you can cook at a specific temperature for a particular period, which is an excellent feature for some recipes;
You will see this feature mentioned by all reviewers and specialists working with the cooktop. It is a nice touch to take the NuWave camping or on holiday and prep your family the same delicious meals that you make at home, in your kitchen.
•    Also, you can take the cooktop with you to a friend’s house to help with any holiday dinner cooking preparations, use your own NuWave for demonstration cooking at a show, or when making a cooking video.
Healthier Cooking Environment
The cooking environment is essential for professional chefs, moms, dads, and even college students. For this reason, the NuWave PIC can help you reach your goals more efficiently. Since it uses induction technology, you will notice that your kitchen or room does not heat up when cooking.
Moreover, using the induction cooktop lowers the number of kitchen pollutants you will have to deal with for days or weeks.
•    Cooking with gas or electricity prompts the production of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulates, and volatile organic matter that build up in your home. Exposure to such compounds imply the same health risks as urban pollution, according to a 2012 study  by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory published in the New York Times.
In other words, if you want a healthier home, the NuWave cooktop can significantly reduce kitchen pollutants.
Superior Cooking and Cleaning Comfort
One of the most significant problems with traditional stovetops is that they often lead to food burning and sticking, spills, and dirty surfaces to clean. The NuWave PIC eliminates such worries from your life, making cleaning a breeze: use a damp cloth to wipe the device, and you are good to go.
NuWave PIC’s Cons and Disadvantages
As versatile, useful, practical, and easy to clean as it may be, the NuWave PIC cooktop comes with a few disadvantages you need to factor in your purchase decision.
You May Need to Change your Cookware
The NuWave precision induction cooktops function only with ferrous cookware. If you cook with glass, ceramic or ironless metallic pots and pans, you will not be able to use a NuWave cooktop at all.
•    The magnetic coil needs ferrous materials. So, you’ll have to buy extra new cookware you may not want or need to use the cooktop, so this is something to keep in mind;
•    Also, you need to buy the pots and pans that perfectly match the cooktop’s size; if you plan to make some changes in your kitchen, you may be happy to accommodate the cooktop and the new kitchenware.
You May Need More NuWave Accessories
A solid NuWave cooktop comes with a cookbook and a DVD with instructions. The company offers compatible cookware, but you may need to change some pots and pans after a few uses as you may find yourself scrapping them, despite the fact they come with a non-stick label.
The NuWave PIC is a reliable option when you want to reduce cooking times, prepare quick and non-complex dishes, save energy and money, clean the kitchen fast, and take it with you wherever you go. A useful tool for dorm rooms, big or small kitchens, and people discovering the joys of cooking, the NuWave PIC has its share of pros and cons. Your purchase decision should depend on your long-term needs and on what you want to achieve in the culinary department.

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Martha Wood
Jul 18, 2021 at 19:09:02
I have 3 PIC's and not one of them holds a constant heat.