Off The Beaten Track In The American Midwest

If you have never taken a trip to the American Midwest before, a few of the things that you may automatically associate with the region include acres of farmland punctuated by the odd bustling city like Chicago. If you were asked to name a major landmark, you may instantly mention the man made wonder Mount Rushmore. Well, in this article, we are going to look at one or two places that are a little more off the beaten track to give you an idea of the richness and diversity of this region.


For lovers of the great outdoors, Missouri is rich with grassy plains and forested mountains. You could also pay a visit to one of the region’s many vineyards such as one on the The state has gotten a lot more attention recently thanks to the Netflix drama Ozark, which is centered on the lake that the show is named after. Osage Beach is one of the most popular places to stay with plenty of accommodation and entertainment options.

Hill City, South Dakota

In a wonderful location in heart of the Black Hills, the appropriately named Hill City is a wonderful location for anyone with an adventurous spirit. Hiking trails, rocky cliffs and caves are just a few of the things that you have to discover using the city as a base. Since it is located nearby to Mount Rushmore, it gives you the perfect excuse to visit this landmark, before retreating into the wilderness for a few peaceful days.

Logan, Ohio

The motto ‘four seasons of fun’ is very appropriate for Logan. Hikers and bikers alike love this part of the country, as well as people who want to explore the depths of the caves. During the winter months, snow-tubing, skiing and snowboarding are all popular pursuits at the fantastically named Mad River Mountain. History buffs will want to check out The Holland Theatre, the only Dutch-style atmospheric theatre in America.

Door County, Wisconsin

Though Door County isn’t particularly well-known, it is home to no fewer than five state parks. The natural scenery is superb no matter what time of year you decide to pay a visit. During the colder months, winter sports are hugely popular, whereas in the summer, the music and food scenes flourish, as well as the region’s iconic cherry blossoms.

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Last but not least on this journey through the American midwest we have Hocking Hills, Ohio. Summer and fall are the best seasons to visit this part of the world, when you can enjoy classic hiking and biking pursuits as well as canoeing and zip-lining. The scenery is about as good as you can get anywhere in the region.

So, if you are looking to explore some lesser-known parts of the American midwest, any of these places would suit you perfectly. There is nothing like the feeling of exploring a hidden corner of the world, and this is exactly what you will get on a trip here.  


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