Practical Ways To Make Learning Fun At Home

Practical Ways To Make Learning Fun At Home

Learning can occur everywhere, not only at school. When your child is at home, you are their teacher. However, it does not have to sound like a textbook lecture. You can entice them to learn something by portraying educational activities as enjoyable. However, almost 60% of parents of primary school children struggled to support their children’s learning at home.  This article highlights how to make learning fun at home so learning does not become a chore and a burden to your children. 

  1. Teach them the fundamentals of phonics

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The ability to read is one of the most fantastic gifts you can give your child. When children learn the premise that certain letters generate specific sounds, they are better prepared to spell and read. Consider phonics learning activities that change a dull learning session at home into a fun experience. Kids can use digital cameras, play games, hunt for letters, build alphabet books, and other activities to bring their lessons to life. They can also play a game where the parent makes a ‘letter sound,’ and the child must discover it. The child would be rewarded with points for each correct answer. 

  1. Improve their counting abilities

Despite how simple it may look, reciting numbers in the correct order is only the beginning of teaching your kid to count. Play a game where they can touch the items being counted. For example, you may offer them toffees to count, and they can keep track of their progress. This would be a gratifying and enjoyable activity for them. Educational resources such as LearnBright, which offers various counting activities and videos, can help your kids improve their counting skills. These videos are specially made to be understood and enjoyed by children. 

  1. Explore different civilizations from across the world

By utilizing your imagination, you can teach your child about different cultures in a way that makes learning fun and broadens their awareness of other people’s customs. They will never have the same outlook on life. As part of a fun assignment, they can create charts. For example, a great project to teach your child about the world's many cultures would be to create a colorful vision board with photos, music, drawings, and other materials to make it exciting and fascinating. You can also suggest visiting one country, so feel free to consider this. 



  1. Give them writing practices

Your children will write all of their lives. Therefore, teach them to write with tools besides pencil and paper. You can make them learn new alphabets by connecting the dots. You can also encourage them to make letters out of playdoh or shaving cream. They will have a good time. 

  1. Help them identify colors