Prepare Your Backyard For Fantastic Summer Parties

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Summers are a wonderful time of the year to jazz up your outdoor spaces. Nothing feels more rewarding and fun than an alfresco afternoon with loved ones after a long winter spent cooped up indoors. The problem arises when your backyard is far from ready to host such pleasantries because of damage caused by winter or lazy with spring cleaning.

Fret not; we've got a few simple tips that'll get your yard ready in no time. We'll assume that you're going to take a broom and mop up fallen leaves and trash, so we'll skip that and fast forward.

Fix your lawn and prune the plants

Your lawn will be the first thing your guests encounter when they arrive. Be quick to fix any obvious problems before they wander the green carpet. Keep the grass and plants well-watered. Many homeowners overlook pruning the foliage, but a pair of garden scissors and a few hours of clipping and nipping can massive difference in the appearance of your garden and backyard.

Get your grill ready

Summers without outdoor BBQ parties are incomplete. It's time to give your grill a tune-up if it's been sitting idle. Before lighting a BBQ grill, you might want to ensure the legs are stable to prevent it from tipping over. If you have a grill that runs on gas, you might want to check for rust and leaks caused by seasonal damage. You don't want to set the party on fire in the wrong way. Turn on the tank to pressurize the system, and then coat the regulator, pipes, and hoses with soapy water. Bubbles signify escaping gas, so keep an eye out for them. Tighten the connections and give it another shot; if the leak persists, repair them before hosting a party.

Design a comfortable space to host people

Create a space that complements the backyard's overall layout and size. If you have a reasonable budget, consider building a deck and patio with a lovely seating arrangement. Or, if you already have one, spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint and varnish before sending out invitations. Hard scraping the surfaces after winters might make the overall look of your decking hideous. Add string lamps, planters, and floor cushions to beautify your space and make it more welcoming.

Adjust the lighting to set the mood

To brighten the area and eliminate tripping risks, install lights along dark walkways. Solar lamps are excellent because they do not need any wiring. A fantastic party necessitates a great atmosphere. To provide the ideal setting, use all-weather garden torches. You can also craft some DIY lanterns/lights using old bottles, paint, yarn, glue, and stuff them with fairy or LED lights to add a more personal feel.

Set up a serving area and a bar

You don't want hungry guests leaving your party early to eat at a fast-food diner on the way home. Variety is the secret to putting together a suitable menu for an outdoor summer party. You'll also need a space set aside for displaying and serving the food, in addition to a dedicated area for cooking. Set up a bar cart with some of your favorite wines. Set it up so that everyone can serve themselves without having to ask for assistance.

Get some classy outdoor furniture

Steel deck and patio furniture take a pounding when left outside in the rain or shine. There should be plenty of choices for all of the guests. Don't panic if you don't have one. You can rent them out from local providers. Harp-back chairs are popular in flea markets and used furniture shops, and they're perfect for a DIY makeover. Make an outdoor bench out of a pair of antique chairs that will come in handy for years.

The little things

Don't forget to jazz up your backyard with suitable summer decorations such as seasonal plants and small pieces of art and crafts. These will help in creating a welcoming ambiance. Also, prepare some baskets with necessary items for guests such as bug sprays, sunscreen, sun caps, hand wipes, and even towels. Your guests will apprentice this lovely gesture. More importantly, you won't have to get up and leave them to fetch something every time someone complains about the sun or the insects.

When the sun goes down, transform your backyard party into a movie night by purchasing or renting a projector and setting up a makeshift movie theater outdoors. Project the movie onto a white curtain or board, toss some pillows on a throw, and serve popcorn to anybody who still has space for a snack after a delicious meal.

Ready to send invites

It becomes easier to throw great backyard parties when you prepare for everything in advance, especially the backyard itself. The best backyard parties include plenty of food & drinks and comfortable furniture with the right touch of knick-knacks. This definitive guide to backyard parties will help you get there with the least amount of tension, whether you're planning one backyard party or one every week.

Photo by Anna Guerrero from Pexels

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