Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Home With Paint


Now and again every home needs a little spruce up and a change. It is so important when you are living in the same place every single day that you refresh it now and again to bring life and vibrancy back to the home.  

Today we are going to talk about the simplest way to quickly change your home for the better - paint. A lick of paint can change the whole dynamic of the home and it is something that you can do pretty quickly with little cost. Here are some of the different ways that you can try sprucing up your home with some paint. 

Make some colorful planters 

The first way to change your home with paint is buy making some fun colorful indoor and outdoor planters. You can buy paint that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and use old terracotta pots to create some fun planters for your living room and your garden. Some bright and colorful plant pots outside can be a good way to enjoy a low maintenance garden alongside some turf from the best artificial grass company you can find. 

Brighten up the fences 

One simple way to make some positive changes to your garden is to varnish and paint your fences with a simple fresh coat. Sometimes a fresh coat of brown or even white paint can make all the difference to your fences and they will end up looking stunning and brand new. Plus, you’ll be able to brighten up your flow displays too and make them really stand out and pop. 

Change your feature wall 

Feature walls have been a popular way of decorating the house for many years, and if you are like most other people you will have a feature wall or two around the house. One of the best ways to change the whole dynamic of your room this week is to buy a different color for your feature wall and create a new look and feel for the home. This will be a fun DIY to do in an afternoon and it will instantly lift any room of the house, or every room of the house if you are feeling ambitious! 

Make it bright white 

Have you noticed in the last few years that your home is looking a little bit dull and boring? This is likely because the white or cream paint throughout your home has started to fade and stain. In order for you to combat this and gain some light back inot your home the easiest thing you can do is go over all of your neutral walls with a wash of white. This will only require 1 large tin of white paint and it can instantly lift your entire home within just a few hours. 

Color your kitchen cupboards 

If you have wooden kitchen cupboards and you are looking for a fresh change in your home this year, one thing you can try is painting over the cupboards with a stunning gloss or matte paint. There are plenty of beautiful kitchen cupboard designs that are around which will give you some inspiration for your new home. For example, you can try a deep navy blue to contrast with white walls and worktops. You could also go for a simple duck egg blue which will make the kitchen feel like a country cottage. There are so many ways that you can change the kitchen cupboards, and with the addition of some brand new knobs or handles, it will refresh your kitchen without the heavy costs. 

Change your mirror frames 

Sick and tired of the same deep cherry wood mirror? Us too. If you want to make a quick change to a large feature of your living room this year, simply change your mirror frame to a new and fresh color and enjoy this new look for the room. You can find gloss paint in pretty much every color - so whether you want a metallic silver effect or a bright bold red; you will be able to choose any color that takes your fancy. 

Refresh the front door 

If you have a wooden front door, why not make it into a welcoming feature to your home and paint it a new color? Primary colors like red and blue are very popular for the front door and they can instantly lift the curb appeal of your home and make it look more polished and welcoming. Consider a bright red, and then hang some baskets of petunias on either side of the door to lift the whole area and make it look stunning to anyone who visits or walks by. 

Re gloss the skirting boards 

Sometimes the changes you will make with paint won’t be groundbreaking, but they will change enough of your home that it will be fresher and brighter in no time. Gloss painting the skirting boards is a great idea for a quick refresh and a bright white gloss will instantly lift the bottom of your room. Gloss painting doesn’t take too long, especially if you pick some quick dry gloss paint, and it will give some life back into a dull space. 

Paint on top of tiles 

One slightly unconventional way that you can change your home this week is to paint on top of the tiles in your kitchen or in your bathroom. Ceramic paint is easy to find in your local hardware store and this will allow you to change the look and design of your room without the need to remove all of your tiles and re-install them. What could have been a job taking days will now only take a few hours and you will have a fresh and clean room to enjoy! 

There are lots of great ways for you to change your home with paint, sometimes you just need to be a little inventive. Consider using some of these ideas to change and improve your home this year and enjoy some fresh new styles without the heavy bill.

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