Stealing Candy for Babies - How to Shop for Your Newborn

So you’re about to become a parent. Congratulations! You’re in for one of the most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. But it’s also the most challenging. For the next 18-20 years, you’re going to experience joy, stress, happiness, sadness and the whole spectrum of human emotion. You’ll have to adapt, go without, make sacrifices and learn as you go. Yet before you even begin all this you need to prepare for living with a newborn. And that means going shopping for a few bits and pieces. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.
Shop Around and Be Patient
It can be tempting to find the first baby shop you see and buy everything that you think you’ll ever need all in one fell swoop. Yet the reality is you don’t need to buy it all at once. Take your time and shop around and look for the best bargains. Of course, you will need some things right away, like clothes, a pram, car seat, nappies, wet wipes, and a few toys. But other things can wait. For example, you won’t need teething chews til your baby starts teething after a few months, so hold off on those.
Online or In-Store?
This can be a tricky one to navigate. Some people swear by shopping online. To be fair to them, you can often find the same or similar products as you can in store for less. Yet sometimes when you factor in shipping you end up paying close to the same price anyway. If you’re going to look online then look for sites that offer free shipping or free shipping after a certain spend, to make it worth your while. Yet other things you’re going to want to inspect in store, like a pram and a car seat to make sure you know how to use it before you buy it. So why not consider a mix of online and in-store purchases? The exception to this is if you’re without a car, in which case online may be easier for you as everything is delivered to your door.
Try to Save Some Money

Babies cost a bit of money, and kids cost even more once they begin sports, school and other extracurricular activities. So it’s a good idea to try and save as many pennies as you can right from the get-go. One way to do this is to shop for thing second hand. Scour Facebook marketplace and Gumtree and you’ll snap up some bargains on toys, clothes and assorted baby items. Also, check out your local op shops or bargain centers. Finally, ask around your friends, family, and colleagues. They may have kids that have grown out of clothes or toys and are willing to donate them to you.
Lay-By vs Credit
If cash flow is an issue it can be tempting to run up the credit card to buy all the things you need for your baby. Yet doing this may mean you face high-interest rates and unaffordable repayments in the long run. If you can wait to purchase an item, put it on layby instead. Most major baby retailers offer this service and that way you can pay off things over time without interest. Also, if you begin lay by once you know you’re pregnant you’ll have at least 7-8 months to make your purchases.
There You Have It
So, first of all, shop around for the best price and practice some patience with your purchases, because some items you won’t need right away. Make an informed decision about whether you buy your goods online or in store, or a mix of both. Try to save some dollars by buying second hand or asking for donations. Finally, try to avoid credit and instead rely on lay by to pay off your purchases over time.

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