Surprising After Thoughts You Might Have When You Decide To Have Another Baby

Adding to your family might just be an easy decision to make for you. Perhaps you and your partner always knew the amount of children you would like to have, and with  careful planning, often things can work out the way you had hoped. But, there seems to be more thoughts that you have when it comes to adding to your children than you have when you decide to actually start a family. Perhaps you are more practical and let your head decide more than your heart, who knows? I wanted to share with you some of the surprising after thoughts you might have when you decide to have another baby

Is my car big enough? 

Deciding you want to have another baby is probably the easy part of the decision making process, but the logistical side of things could become a nightmare if you don’t consider the practical side and one of them things is your family car. A new baby will need a car seat, and space for things like a pram or push chair and the baby bag. Can your car handle it? It might be that you need to think about a new car, and so the search for the right vehicle might already be underway. Websites like could help you in terms of your purchase options and monthly budget. A good idea would be to try a few different models out to ensure you get the right vehicle for you. 

Is the house big enough?

Excitement can take over when it comes to the whole baby making process, but what about your home? Is it big enough? It doesn’t necessarily mean in terms of rooms, it is more to do with the space you all have. Will a baby have a place to stay and sleep? What will happen as they get older? You may need to think about making changes to your current home such as extending or converting loft space, if you have it. Or it might be the time to move home and try and work your way up the property ladder. Websites like are helpful with tips on how to do it quickly. 

Will we survive the financial impact?

The next thing to think about would be the financial impact it might have on your and the family. If you work, you could see a reduction in pay when taking maternity leave. It might even entice you to not go back to work at all. A new mortgage might be an increase in budget, a new car could have an impact, as well as everyday things like grocery shopping and clothing budgets. It is always a good idea to work out the financial impact it will have to ensure that you can cope. 

What about childcare?

Finally, there may be the added issue of child care, especially if you do decide to go back to work. What will be the difference in cost? How will this affect the time you have with your children? It is definitely worth considering the impact on the budget and also your emotions. 

I hope that this helps you if you have decided to have another baby. 

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