Tasting Noo Flavors and Trying Noo Restaurants with @NoosaYoghurt #Ad

As a momma of 3 and entrepreneur, my lifestyle can get quite hectic at times. It’s important to me to always have good, real food stocked in the fridge because me and my children are always looking for snacks and meals to get us through our active days.

I tried Coconut Noosa Yoghurt for the very first time while getting my make up done for the Midwest Emmy nominations party and it was so delicious! I can taste the real coconut flavors (which is my favorite) and I easily ate the entire tub! I even shared a tub of Pumpkin Noosa Yoghurt with my make up artist and she absolutely loved it!

After the Emmy nomination party, me and my crew were so hungry that I wanted to try something “noo”. So, we stopped by Nando’s Peri Peri, a restaurant famous for their grilled chicken with peri-peri sauce. They opened this summer and I cannot believe that I still haven’t been able to go visit! It was such a long but productive day and I was so happy to able to do what I love with people who believe in what I do.

My current situation in the fridge. I think it’s time to make a Yoghurt Cake!! Stay tuned for a recipe!

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