The Advantages of Installing a Playroom

When you have children, mess and mayhem tend to follow. Everybody knows that children love to and have to play. It is a need, which is important for their development and for mental stimulation. This means, that as parents, we need to make sure we encourage playtime as much as we can. In most cases, toys and other bits and pieces associated with playtime get in the way and make a mess. If you have younger children, pets or disabled people in the home, this innocent and essential activity could actually become quite dangerous. This is where a playroom becomes a good idea. If you have thought about getting one, but you aren’t sure whether you should, then today we will be taking a look at the advantages to installing one. 

Keep Your House Tidy
One of the obvious advantages to having a playroom is the tidiness it will bring to your home. You will need to convince your children that the toys have to stay in there, but once they understand that, then you won’t have to worry about your house being unpresentable if a friend drops by. It will all be tucked away safely in the playroom. It also allows your kids to have some freedom to do more of what they want in an area of a decent size, which is great for their growth and development. 

Give Yourself Some Space

As a parent, alone time is almost unheard of. Being able to read a book or watch a movie with your partner in peace can be a nightmare when you have children running about and placing their toys all over the house. It also takes a lot of time to clean up after them, this is where the playroom comes in. If you set up a TV, the kids can watch or play whatever they want and remain entertained for hours. This means you can sit in your tidy living area and do as you please.  

Associate Their Bedroom with Sleep

You may think that a bedroom is a good enough play area for your children. Although this works for some, when a child associates their bedroom with a play space, it can be harder for them to settle at night. When they have a playroom, their bedroom will be associated with sleep. They will be less distracted when you leave them alone or if they wake up in the middle of the night, and we all know that a well-rested child is a happy child. 

Easy to Organize

A playroom is easy to organize because it won’t be filled with a load of other furniture, such as beds, dressers and wardrobes. You don’t even have to have a sofa. You could set up a soft seating area consisting of beanbags, pillows and blankets, which are soft and pose less risk (for younger children) than a sofa. They are also easier to clean and play with. With the extra space, you could dedicate stations in the playroom to help facilitate healthy play and learning, such as an arts & crafts station, a reading station, a dress-up station, etc. 

Teaches Responsibility

When your child has their own room full of everything they love, a natural instinct (usually as they grow up) is to take care of this area. This could be organizing their stuff, putting delicate or favorite toys in a safe place, or decorating the area with their own drawings. Especially if they want to impress friends and use the room for parties or sleepovers. The responsibility they will gain from this will be very beneficial to them in the future. 

What About the Space?

Finding the space for a playroom can be difficult. However, there are many ways around this. You could get your kids to share a bedroom, you could convert a spare space, such as an unused study or integral garage into a play area, or you could build yourself an extension. The extension doesn’t have to be specifically for a playroom. For example, you could extend your kitchen so you have an attached dining area, and use the dining room as a playroom. If you decide to get an extension, make sure you find reputable, local contractors to do the job. Start your inquiry by searching for “builders and roofers near me” online. 

As you can see, there are so many advantages to having a playroom in your home. It really is something you should consider. Your kids will love it for many years as the space can adapt to their likes and interests as the years go by. Your house will be tidy, and you will get the space you deserve as a busy, hard-working parent. 

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