The Heart Of Your Home: Quick Ways To Redesign Your Kitchen

You love cooking, and you spend hours in your kitchen. It’s the heart of your home and your idea of the perfect Friday night is cooking up something new and feeding your family and friends. If the food you are serving up is vibrant and bold, but your kitchen is looking a little bland, maybe it’s time to get creative and have a little low budget revamp. 

An easy place to start is with your kitchen units. If you have dark wooden furniture in your current space, why not get out the paint and give your cupboards a fresh new look. You could go minimal with white or get bold with orange or pink. Don’t forget to change the handles too. It’s a real, simple and quick change that will have a massive impact on the look of your kitchen. 

Buying new worktops can be expensive. However, you can find lots of used ones on auction sites. This is great if you have a small size kitchen as you could discover some offcuts that someone with an extensive refurb is getting rid of. People sell almost anything now, and if you have always dreamed of light wooden worktops in your home, you could find a used one and give it a good sand and a fresh new varnish. 

Give your kitchen some atmosphere with a new light scheme. RGB LED strip lights can be fitted easily underneath your cupboards or on top of units. They offer multiple different colour options and levels of light. Most work from your phone, so you can set the mood depending on how you feel. You can even link the light system to work with your music system, and this gives a disco effect for after-dinner dancing! 

If you want a real impact, you could remove the doors from your cupboards altogether. Exposed design styles are on-trend and can give the look of a professional kitchen. Instead of keeping your products in their packaging, use glassware to display rice, pasta and flour. It’s also a nice way of displaying all of your recipe books so when people come into your kitchen, they can’t mistake what makes you tick! 

Changing your furnishings can give the whole kitchen a facelift. Something as simple as your trashcan or shelving can add a little spice of colour. Adding some carpets or mats to the kitchen is also a simple way of changing the feel of a space. 

Finally, don’t forget the floor. If you are lucky, you might have wooden floorboards, if not, then you could look at lino flooring. The new ranges can look like slate floor tiles or beautiful walnut floorboards; however, they are cheap, low maintenance and effortless to clean. Most people won’t notice they aren’t the real thing! 

Changing your kitchen doesn’t have to mean an expensive refurb, get creative with what you have and make your favourite space a place to be proud of. 

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

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