The Perfect Platter For Your Garden Party

The sun is out, which means that it’s time to get the picnic blankets out, make sure that your outdoor furniture is nice and clean, and invite some friends and family around for a bite to eat and some good company in the garden. While you might opt for the BBQ option like a lot of people, there are a lot of ways you can make food in the garden all the more palatable, as well as vegan or vegetarian friends you might need to accommodate. To that end, here are some perfect choices for your platter.

One of the keys is to make sure that you’re adding plenty of contrasting flavors so that not only is there something to suit everyone, but everyone can have a nice balanced meal with different tastes to hit all of their cravings.

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A succulent saucy kebabs

The rest of the options that we share are going to be meat-free, but for the carnivores at the table, you want to make sure that you give them something they can sink their teeth into while keeping their hands clean. You might think sauces are too messy, but a good sticky jerk lamb kebab can make sure you can offer flavor without making a mess. Of course, you can always dice the lamb up and add some pepper and other ingredients to the kebabs, too.

No need to fritter away too much time making these

When you need a little starchy and something to chew on, then a portion of good potato-based food is always a welcome sight on a platter and fritters are one of the tastier ways to eat them. These sweet potato fritters keep things healthy and tasty, while also being well-suited for those who might be following a paleo diet. Make things even tastier by keeping some dip nearby, whether it’s salsa, pesto, garlic, or even a mix of different dips. Keep easily opened lids on these dips too so that they don’t attract flies or overpower the whole table with their aroma.

An explosion of delicious veggie flavor

One of the pitfalls of trying to keep things healthy is opting for the rather boring and bland salad options. You can make sure that you bring out all the riches and juices locked up within veg, instead, with a good vegetable spring rolls recipe. Plus, it makes all that veg easy to store in a single handful, which is important when you’re putting together a platter. The less need for cutlery, the better. You want to make sure that you cook them just right so that there’s a nice crisp on the edges and the pastry doesn’t feel too soggy in the middle. This is a recipe that’s worth taking a little extra time to practice before you serve it to others.

A cheesy treat

A newly baked bread roll makes for a delicious treat at any time, and they can be the perfect thing to make sure that everyone’s appetites are well-taken care of, or for soaking up any soups or other saucy foods you might be offering. To that end, Filipino cheese bread rolls add plenty of flavor to go with the utility of bread, as well. They’re not too difficult to bake, either, and their small sizes make them tough to get wrong. You can always keep some savory fillings around so that people can add whatever they like to complete their perfect roll, as well.

A little soup goes a long way

Soup can be great as a palate cleanser or as an appetizer before you get all of the foods out there. There is one soup, in particular, that does a great job of both. The savory more-ish-ness of miso soup has become much beloved and it doesn’t take too much effort to make your own miso soup bowls without too much effort, and even add some extra ingredients like shitake mushrooms or tofu to make it a little more substantial. The great thing about miso soup, compared to others, is that it’s entirely acceptable to just lift the bowl and take a big sip of it.

With the tips above, you can make sure that your table is full of foods perfect for sharing. Variety and diversity are the name of the game. Be sure to add plenty of condiments and seasoning options at the table as well so that people can choose to flavor their meal however they like. Plenty of water and juice to cleanse the palate and stay hydrated is key, too.

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