The Regal Revival - How to Turn a Small Apartment Into a Work of Art

Small apartments are popular among people nowadays as a choice of living space not only for their cost, but also as a means of reducing one’s environmental impact. There are many pros and many cons to owning or living in a small apartment, but one of the stronger selling points is their propensity to lend themselves naturally to more stylish interior decoration trends. 

The smaller sizes of these apartments for rent in Wilmington make decorating them with a bit of flair much cheaper, and means redecorating over the years is also less of a daunting task. If you’re tackling a new small apartment, or just looking to overhaul your old apartment, our guide on turning a small apartment into a work of art is sure to get the creative juices flowing. 


The drapes you hang from your runners are generally considered to be unimportant in the overall scheme of things when it comes to apartment decorating. However, overlooking these secret caches of style and grace is a mistake only those inhibited in their interior designs make.

Custom made curtains really bring out the flair in your apartment setting, as as windows naturally draw the eye anyway, being a source of light and all, adorning them with regal reflections of your personal taste will add a sort of signature of your own to the look of your home. 


The walls in most apartments are painted a flat colour and left that way for many years, sometimes decades, before being repainted the same colour by the owner. Wallpaper seemingly went out of fashion years ago and has stayed firmly out of fashion since. However, no longer are we restricted to a choice of imagery from farms or various kinds of fleur-de-lis’ for our walls, and the likes of Wes Anderson have shown us just how stylish and modern wallpaper can be. 



Filling your home to the brim with artwork is an exercise in futility, as an abundance of creativity is stifling in any given space. Tastefully filling empty spaces with art, however, is highly recommended, as it turns the low points of your rooms into the high points; making your apartment glow with the messages transferred by your art. Whether you create it yourself, or buy it from another artist, visual art is the way to go for subtly and stylishly decorating your home. 



The furniture you use in your day to day life has an expiration date, so why not push it forward a bit and get yourself something that really makes your home space pop. Mismatched couches speak of comfort and home, and first and second sharehouses too, but a visually cohesive lounge suite screams a message of unity, and a person who knows what they want stylistically and goes for it wholeheartedly. Colour and pattern matching are encouraged, but only if the colour or pattern works with other aspects of your home. 


Use of Space 

Finally, the use of the space in your home is what can set you apart from your contemporaries, as many find ways to maximise the spaces between rooms while cluttering up the room itself. You can turn the backs of your couches to face the main area, closing off your lounge-zone for a separate, cozy viewing area, or place a table out on your balcony for sunny summer breakfasts outdoors. Utilizing your space intelligently is very modern, and once you get the hang of it you’ll be seeing unutilized space everywhere you look. 

With these tips, your small apartment can go from feeling tiny and drab to feeling enormous and stylish, and with that feeling comes a natural pride in your home. Enjoy these feelings, you’ve earned them. 

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