Things to Do on a Holiday in Birmingham

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Birmingham is a vibrant UK city oozing with life and energy. It's where you want to be if you wish to explore different cultures, experience new ways of life, and eat delicious food. 

With its many captivating attractions, the West Midlands city welcomes over 40 million visitors annually to its historic sites, world-famous music venues, and outstanding theatres. Whether you're a history buff, a culture vulture, or simply an explorer, Birmingham has something for everyone. 

In terms of climate, the best time to be in Brum is from early May to late September. During these months, you'll get long hours of sunshine and occasional rain, perfect for enjoying the city.

So, if you're ready to see what the City of a Thousand Trades has to offer, here are some of the top things you can do in Birmingham:

  1. Eat Your Heart Out

Brum doesn't upset foodies; it spoils them. From traditional English pub grub to Indian curries and Chinese stir-fries, the city has abundant culinary delights to satisfy all taste buds. Balti, a spicy Kashmiri curry, is an absolute can't-miss. And if you want the locals' taste, the Brummie bacon cakes are delicious. 

But that's not all. Are you interested in exotic varieties of pizza? There are also some fantastic Italian restaurants in Birmingham for pasta and pizza lovers. The Piccolino at the Oozels Square and Riva Blu on Temple Row are excellent options.

  1. Head to the Cadbury World

Your "Let every heartbeat for love" experience awaits you in Bourneville - the home of Cadbury chocolate. 

Cadbury World in Birmingham is a chocoholic's dream come true! From the moment you step inside, you're hit with the sweet, delicious smell of chocolate in the air. 

The interactive exhibits let you uncover the birthplace of chocolate with an expedition through Aztec jungles, cascading waterfalls, and lush trees.

And there are tons of fun activities for kids, too. You can hop in on a Beanmobile for a pleasant ride through a chocolate wonderland or take in a 4D cinema experience. But let's be honest; the best part is chocolate. So, make your own, taste free samples, and have a drool-some chocolate experience in Birmingham. 

  1. Explore the Bullring Shopping Centre

For some retail therapy, head over to the Bullring shopping center and enjoy a spot of shopping. The Bullring is one of the largest shopping centers in the area. It's brimming with over 160 stores ready to meet all your shopping needs.

Whether you're in the mood for a designer outfit, bargain-hunting, or window-shopping, it's a great place to discover the latest fashion trends. 

Plus, Bullring's food court has a diverse selection of international cuisines for you to choose from, so you can stay fueled while shopping. 

  1. Visit the National SEA LIFE Centre

If you want a marine adventure in a city mostly about history and culture, there's no place better than the National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham! It is one of the best UK aquariums. And rightly so. 

This fantastic attraction is home to over 2,000 creatures from around the world. These include sharks, turtles, otters, penguins, and even seahorses! 

The aquarium will transport you to a world of wonder as you explore the underwater tunnels and come face-to-face with some of the ocean's most fascinating inhabitants. 

The SEA LIFE Centre offers interactive experiences like rockpool encounters and behind-the-scenes tours. The 4D cinema and the 360-degree ocean tunnel will mesmerize your wildest ocean dreams. Keep your flippers ready when you're here.

  1. Take a Canal Boat Trip

You can't say you've experienced Birmingham fully until you've taken a boat ride along the city's canals. This tranquil mode of transport takes you through the heart of Birmingham and the surrounding countryside, giving you a unique perspective of the area.

The trip starts at Sherborne Wharf and passes Brindley Place, the National Sea Life Centre, and Gas Street Basin. You can even enjoy a traditional British pub lunch in one of the floating eateries. 

The canal boat trip also offers a chance to explore the city's industrial past as you get up close and personal with some of the oldest buildings-the warehouses, locks, and bridges. 

Fancy a unique experience? How about stand-up paddle boarding on the canals of Birmingham and the West Midlands? It's guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure!

  1. Throw in Some Learning

There are two types of vacationers. Those who want to soak up the sun and do nothing, and those who like to learn while having fun. Luckily, Birmingham has plenty to offer both kinds. 

For the history buffs, there are museums and galleries like the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and Barber Institute of Fine Arts, where you can explore the city's rich heritage. And for those interested in science, the Thinktank Science Museum is an exciting place to discover the wonders of nature and technology. 

But most interestingly, you can enroll in classes and workshops that teach you all sorts of skills. You'll find options for Vietnamese cooking, pottery making, and letterpress printing seminars. 

The possibilities are endless! 

  1. Marvel at the Street Art Scene and the Custard Factory

Birmingham is home to a vibrant street art scene with colorful murals and graffiti. Graffiti artists worldwide have made their mark in the city; walking around to discover these works is a great way to explore. 

The Custard Factory is one of the best spots to witness this art in action. Once an old factory, it is now a hub for street artists and independent stores. Here, you'll find galleries, restaurants, and quirky shops. 

Don't miss out on the live music gigs and events at the Custard Factory. This is your chance to experience the pulse of Birmingham's creative energy. 

Final Thoughts

Birmingham is a superb UK destination; there's never a dull moment here. So, keep at least three days (or more) in your itinerary. We also recommend researching the area thoroughly before stepping foot here; we've only touched the tip of the iceberg in this post about the best things to do in Birmingham. There's so much more to witness, experience, and explore. 

Also, since the city enjoys a central location in England, it's close to other major cities like London, Liverpool, Bristol, and Manchester. So, you can always add an exciting road trip to the mix. 

We hope you enjoy Brum just as much as the Brummies do. Have a blast!

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