Three Fun Ways to Entertain Outdoors

What could be better when the sun is shining than getting loved ones together for good food, drinks and conversation? The weather might be cold and miserable now, but with January almost under our belts, spring and the sunshine is on the way and we’ll be able to get back outdoors before we know it. If you’re looking for some ideas for fun ways to entertain guests over the spring and summer, here are three to consider!


Picnics are great because you can have them at home, or somewhere else. If you’re trying to get everyone together, you could pick a spot which is easy for all guests to get to. You can make it more fun (and cut costs) by asking everyone to bring something along too. You could assign sandwiches, savouries, sweets and drinks to different guests so that you don’t all end up bringing the same thing. You can keep it simple and buy some shop bought ingredients, or you can get super creative and make your own. From interesting salads to homemade sausage rolls, scotch eggs and cakes there’s loads of directions you can go in with it. Don’t forget your picnic blanket, plates and cutlery!


Barbeques are a summer favourite, there’s nothing quite like the taste of smoky grilled meats and vegetables. They’re the perfect way to get everyone together on a hot day, and the food will always please the crowd. From smokey steaks and chicken to sausages and burgers, there are loads of veg options for vegetarians and vegans and you can even cook desserts on the grill. Buy yourself a barbeque that’s big enough to feed all of your guests, and make sure your garden is up to scratch. You’ll need to make sure you have enough garden furniture, chair seat covers and cushions for everyone to sit. You could always buy some extra foldable chairs to squeeze around the table for times that you have extra guests. 

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is an old tradition that’s really picked up again in recent years. A light lunch of finger sandwiches, cakes and scones served with tea (or fizz if you’re celebrating!) While it can be enjoyed indoors, it’s something nice you can do outside when the weather is warm and mild. It makes a nice afternoon spent with your partner or an elegant get together for your female friends. Check sites like Pinterest for ideas, you could keep it classic or put a spin on things if you want to switch it up a little. Check charity shops for cute, mismatched china and invest in a couple of nice cake stands. Whether it’s to celebrate someone’s birthday or just as a casual get together it’s sure to go down well. 

What’s your favorite way to entertain loved ones over the warmer months?

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